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Thread: Oversupply: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?

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    I've been struggling with oversupply, and was finally feeling like we were making progress after I was doing 12 hour blocks and then scaling back to just offering the same breast for two feedings. LO's diapers were getting better -- not quite the yellow/orange I was hoping for, but less frothy and a lighter, more brownish yellowish green at least. Then today I think she got too much foremilk and her last 2 poops have been awful: dark green and foamy. Has anyone had success with fixing oversupply? Is it normal for LO to be getting worse before she gets better, or is this a sign we're going in the wrong direction?

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    Fixing oversupply is definitely a "two steps forward, one step back" process. You're aiming for the overall trend to be in the direction of lower supply, and you try not to get discouraged by apparent setbacks.

    Please remember that some of the fluctuations in supply that you are experiencing have nothing at all to do with how you are managing the oversupply. They are hormonally-driven ups and downs that are normal as your body tries to figure out exactly how much milk it needs to make.

    In my experience, fixing oversupply was a long-term project, and I needed to be very alert to my baby and her needs. sometimes I needed long blocks, other times I needed to use both breasts to satisfy my baby. And I had to be very forgiving of myself if I "screwed up" and oversupply all of a sudden a me roaring back for no reason that I could perceive.

    Patience, time, sensitivity to the baby- that's all you really need. Throw in a big dose of "green poops are normal when baby is growing well", and you'll be golden!

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