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Thread: Low Milk Supply 101

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    Low Milk Supply 101
    by Emma Pickett, IBCLC

    Forgive me for asking but...

    Do you REALLY have low milk supply?

    This is a very important place to start. Please bear with me. I don’t mean to doubt your situation and be annoying patronising lactation consultant woman but it’s crucial to note that the MAJORITY of new mothers who fear they have low milk supply DO NOT.

    The majority of women who start to use formula because they worry they aren’t making enough or baby isn’t getting enough DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM.

    I cannot emphasise this enough.

    Every day mothers panic and end breastfeeding or start using formula and there is not an underlying problem with their milk supply. But of course – once they start using formula without correct support, they often will start to send signals to their breasts to really reduce supply.


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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*maddieb View Post

    I'm pretty impressed with Emma Pickett. Her blog is very good!

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    Way too lazy for formula

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