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Thread: While pumping, one breast always gives less milk

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    Default While pumping, one breast always gives less milk

    I am using an electric pump and do both breasts at the same time. Right now I am still at home with my baby, pumping for 1 bottle per day, usually after nursing. No matter which breast I start nursing on, every time I pump, my left breast gives way less milk (about half less). Is there some thing I can do about this? Was thinking of pumping longer on the left breast to try to stimulate it more - might this help increase milk supply on that side? Thank you

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    Default Re: While pumping, one breast always gives less milk

    This is totally normal. Most moms find that they have one breast which produces more than the other. If you want to correct it, you're definitely on the right track: consistently pump the underachieving side more often and/or for longer time periods and you should see an increase. You may also want to make sure that you have the right shields. It's common for a mom to need a larger size on one side in order to maximize milk removal.

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