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    Hey so I'm new here and just want a little advice. But first I want to post my birth story. I went into labor on November 14th, everything was going great went into labor on my own I was fully dilated but I was so out of it that the midwife broke my water even though I wanted everything to go naturally. By the time the doctor came in for me to push she said my sons heart rate had dropped rapidly and they wanted to get me back for a emergency c section ASAP. Got in OR and they had me pushing hoping he would come on, but didn't happen so the c section went as planned he was born not breathing and rushed off 2 hours away. I started pumping the next day cause since ninth grade I had wanted to breastfeed. The NICU he was in was so strict on germs and breastfeeding and the lactations were gone for holiday by the time they let me start giving him milk. I cried so much! I got home to everyone coming over non stop and never having the time nor privacy to bond with my son and start the breastfeeding journey so between screaming in hunger I just fed my son the bottle I looked into nursing after four weeks had gone by but the closest any one was, was 2 hours away and well I already had therapy for my son. I asked for advice but no one knew anything so I just gave up. I have a very healthy 8 month old and the little breastmilk he got sure has helped him or so it seems but lately guilt and depression has hit me hard. As of yesterday I finally started to come to peace with myself but it still keeps me up at night I saw where it was possible to re- lactate and learn to re latch. I will start school in a month but will only go two days for 2 hours ( I still produce small amounts when squeezed or stimulated) I want a nursing bond/relationship if only for a few short months to help cope with my traumatic time. Plus Breast is Best. I stopped taking my anxiety pills and dieting pills to get them out of my system for this. Planning on calling my doctor Monday Morning to get the okay. But if this doesn't go as plan how can I possibly get him to comfort nurse??? My therapist told me to try that.
    Please Help. I'm tired of feeling like I failed.
    Also I'm sorry if my post is confusing. I'm not good with this stuff lol

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    Hi, first I want to thank you for posting your story. It explains so clearly some of the events/circumstances that tend to undermine a breastfeeding mom. We need to talk about these things, it will really help other moms!

    So, how to get a baby to comfort nurse. There are many ways, and what will work for one baby may not for another. One may work one day and not the next, and vice versa. Encouraging a baby to nurse at the breast is a process and you will want to have patience for yourself and your baby. I am going to suggest some good resources at the end of my post for encouraging a reluctant nurser.

    You are already lactating, it sounds like. So really what you are trying to do is increase your milk production. There are many ways to approach this, but the single most important factor is frequent and effective milk removal. If baby is not nursing yet, that means pumping with a very effective pump, and trying to do so at least 8 times in 24 hours. Double sided electric pump at least, best would probably be a rented hospital grade pump. Pump must also fit you correctly.

    Hand expression works too but most moms find it too fatiguing to do as often and as long as required. It can be added to pumping very effectively in many cases.

    Planning on calling my doctor Monday Morning to get the okay.
    okay for what?

    I stopped taking my anxiety pills and dieting pills to get them out of my system for this.
    Necessary maternal medications can almost always be safely taken when nursing. I am not up on what is out there for dieting, in my day these were unsafe for anyone to take, ever. But many moms safely take anti- anxiety medications while breastfeeding. For more information about your medication, I suggest do not go by what the doctor says, as they are probably just going from the information the pharm company gives them. Pharm companies do NOT give out accurate information about their meds as regards breastfeeding! I suggest, find someone to look your medication up for you in the reference book Medications and Mothers Milk if at all possible. Other sources for more info are: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/news/lactmed_announce_06.html and http://www.infantrisk.com/

    I want a nursing bond/relationship if only for a few short months to help cope with my traumatic time.
    If you succeed in getting baby to nurse again, there is no reason for it to be only for a few months. Many children nurse for years.

    Helping baby nurse - http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

    Relactation http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/relactation/

    I also suggest the excellent book Making More Milk

    I would also suggest considering a lactation aid (at the breast supplementer)
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    with MaddieB, as usual!

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    Thank you so much.
    Before I go into explaining may I ask what kind of vitamins I need for this? I just take regular vitamins and everyone says I need to start back with Prenatals?
    Anyways, I didn't take the diet pill much just did it on occasions for when I was up exercising, but I really just wanted to okay it with my doctor to make sure my breast milk will be safe for when it starts to come in full swing. And he hasn't really latched in a long time so right now I'm just gonna try getting him to re latch and pumping when necessary hopefully I can get the pump I need I'm calling two places tomorrow to see if they might have one. I'm a little nervous to fail again since he loves his bottle and solid foods

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    Unless you are malnourished and need to take vitamins for your own health, you do not need take any vitamins when breastfeeding. Yes nursing mothers are often told to continue to take prenatals after baby is born, but I think whether this is actually needed or not is individual. It is probably because of the higher levels of iron, but your baby is 8 months old and (I assume) eating solids (?) Besides, if baby really needed iron (or anything else) baby could take the vitamin! I personally do not take vitamins and have nursed three kids, and they are all very healthy.
    Long story short, just sticking with your regular vitamins is probably 100 fine.
    again I would suggest going to the resources I linked above for accurate meds and breastfeeding info. I am pretty confident that it is totally ok if you are no longer taking the diet pills especially if they were only occasional anyway.

    I would suggest try not to think in terms of failure or success. You are trying something different than you were doing before, and while possible, it is not an easy thing, and there are never any guarantees. It may go the way you hope and it may not. But either way, even just trying to nurse again can do no harm and only be good for you and your baby - no matter the ultimate outcome.

    In many ways you and your baby were robbed of breastfeeding by misinformation, lack of resources, and circumstances totally out of your control, and that has probably left you feeling disempowered. So, even just trying will help you feel more empowered, because you are taking the situation in hand and trying to do something about it. The outcome is not the entire point, the point is that you and your baby deserved better care, and so taking these steps is likely to feel positive to you- because you are taking control, taking care of yourself and your baby as best you can.

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    Wonderful reply. Also thank you for sharing your story. I also had traumatic birth/ aftercare. Although my baby is 2months and having difficulty with breastfeeding, it's nice to hear your still wanting to breastfeed a baby at 8months even after your experience, sounds like a strong mummy to me . Well done.

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