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Thread: Is slow eating a problem?

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    Default Is slow eating a problem?

    I'm talking really slow eating. It takes this child (she's a little over 9 weeks) at least 20 minutes and usually 30 to finish one side. And, she takes both sides, so we're usually talking that she eats for an hour. At first I thought that at some point she was doing comfort nursing at the end, but she's really not. She still actively sucking and swallowing, although the pauses get longer (seconds, not mintues). She will remove herself when she's done but it's a long time after I think she surely must have finished by now. I've been doing breast compressions to speed her up a bit, but it really doesn't. She likes to take her time eating. I guess she's like a gourmet eater, having to take her time and appreciate the nuances of every sip.

    The other thing I've noticed is that it takes her a long time in the beginning to start actively sucking and swallowing. The first five minutes seem to be warm up, not active nursing. It's not a slow let down, because I can feel it and know there is milk there. I joke that she's like an actor at the Academy Awards "I'm happy just to be nominated." Cuz she's just happy to be at the breast, the milk is extra.

    She's also more of a squirmer than a crier when she's hungry. She rarely gets to the point of crying when she's hungry, because if she did, it would be way past time for her to feed (like 5 hours or so) and I would nursed her already by then. Even when she sleeps longer at night, she wakes up squirmy and doesn't cry to be fed. She fusses, but doesn't cry. And her swallows are swallows not gulps, so maybe she's not getting enough at a time?

    On the plus side, she has now gained weight at her last 4 weight checks (within the past 3 weeks), and she was up 2 lbs from her birth weight (so over 3 lbs from her lowest weight) at 2 months.

    Anyways, is this okay or should I be trying something different?

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    Default Re: Is slow eating a problem?

    I'm no expert, and my DD is only 3 weeks older than yours, but it sounds normal to me. I have heard (and it has been true for me so far) that the LOs get more efficient at eating, therefore faster, as they grow bigger.

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    Default Re: Is slow eating a problem?

    My little guy is way past the infant stage, but I still lurk here .

    Don't be worried, there is nothing that you should be doing differently. Landon took forever nursing too when he was that little. Now, he nurses is 5-10 min flat to finish BOTH sides, I joke not! It comes with age and experience.

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    Default Re: Is slow eating a problem?

    You might consider having someone (LLL Leader or IBCLC) watch you nurse to set you mind at ease. Sometimes a latch problem could cause long feedings b/c milk isn't being transferred well. Everything could be fine, though, too...Just something to think about.

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    Default Re: Is slow eating a problem?

    Uhm, I thought 20- 30 minutes was normal! my 6 week old takes that long.

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