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Thread: Night Nursing effect on fertility

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    Hello! We desire to grow our family and due to advancing age- we feel time is of essence. I remain infertile bc of ecological breastfeeding (17m old). Baby co-sleeps and nurses maybe 5 times at night. But maybe I should count the total time rather than the sessions... I've begun gently removing some daytime nursings bc it seems baby can handle this easier than my attempt at removing night nursing. I now have one 6-7 hour gap in the daytime and I hope this is enough to stimulate fertility. (This is sounding more like a confession than a question, lol). I feel sad seeing that baby does not seem to miss the daytime nursings that are now removed. At the same time I feel less "touched out".
    My Q is: has any mom decreased day nursings while continuing to night nurse and gotten fertility back?

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    Consistently going long stretches without nursing makes it more likely that fertility will return, and it really doesn't matter when those long stretches occur, i.e. day vs. night. But remember that there are no guarantees when it comes to timing! The time until return of fertility varies widely, with some moms getting fertility back very early and some going much longer than average.

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    My experience was with night weaning, I night weaned my oldest (6 hours) at 17 months as I wanted my period to return so we could try for another as I was also feeling age pressure. It did, about a month later. However, I later learned that my fertility may well have returned at that age without the night weaning. Night weaning was a difficult experience and to my sons and my husbands relief we went back to nursing frequently at night as soon as my periods returned. In my case, my periods are always regular right off the bat, this is of course not always the case.

    With my next two children, I did not do any type of weaning, they both nursed frequently around the clock, and my periods returned at 24 months with one and 22 months with the next.

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    thank you for sharing your stories. I guess anxiety is the greatest factor at play.

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    Fwiw nursing had no effect on my fertility at all. My doctor told me I would not be fertile but my periods came back 8 weeks postpartum despite demand feeding. I also wanted to get pregnant more quickly because I am older -I am 38 - and became preggers after a year. I waited that long on purpose because of the pressures of taking care of a newborn. Everyone has their own story of course. I like to think that sometimes we don't get pregnant when we want to because it has to be that particular egg and that particular a sperm meeting to make the special being that is to come I to the world. A bit soppy but it feels right.
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