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    Ok im in pain...

    Last night DS slept so long that when i woke up my breast that makes the most milk was SO full of milk i practically woke up crying in pain. So i pumped it all out and nursed a little too..i found a very tender spot on my breast. It didnt go away with the pump or feeding. tried the same thing this morning. the pain is still there and even worse. to touch it gives me chills because of the pain. A let down is the worst. When i feel a let down coming the tingling is intense and i have to grit my teeth..I feel that its a backed up duct from the long night without nursing.

    Whats really the BEST method you have found for relieveing a clogged duct? I am about to try heat and nursing.. please help.. very painful..

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    Sounds like you are on the right track!
    Nurse, nurse, nurse. I find that if I take a hot shower and massage the sore breast just before nursing, this helps a lot.

    Hang in there!

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    Heat and nursing are truly the best medicine! You are on the right track, and they do so hurt! Take care and get plenty of rest too!

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