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Thread: A Lil Sour Breast Milk?

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    Default A Lil Sour Breast Milk?


    My frozen milk tastes a lil sour....no bad smell though. it has tiny balls of fat i guess. Can i feed this to my baby who is 3 months.
    She does not like it readily but takes with a lil coaxing.
    Now i mix the frozen milk with current day's pumped milk and she does not realise the change and takes it easily.
    My concern is whether the soured milk due to lipase or so is good for my baby? i do not want to scald it as i can give it to her mixed with new milk and get all the nutrients to her since i get fresh milk too and store some part of fresh milk using the old one.
    Also my breast milk being fed through bottle totally is not gaining much weight..was 10% at 2 months. I want her to be chubby.

    please advise wherther the sour milk due to breaking of fat is ok to feed if baby takes it or is it detrimental to her health???

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: A Lil Sour Breast Milk?

    Does it smell rancid, like sour cow's milk? Sour (spoiled) milk has a very distinct smell. Unmistakeable. If the milk is soured it should NOT be fed to baby. If it just smells strange (soapy, metallic), then it should be okay if baby will take it.

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