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    My daughter is 8 weeks old. I cant breastfeed her due to flat nipples. I have been using pigeons manual breast pump.

    My problem is that when i try ro expess I have to press/squeeze my breasts for milk. If I dont press then there is hardly any flow. Also my milk flow is very less.after pumping (with breast squeeze) for 20 - 30 mins i can express around 3 oz of milk.also i feel that this pump doesnt express whole milk because even after pumping when i hand express there is milk. I pump in every 3 hrs n also have to give formula thrice a day.

    I m planning to switch to electric pump.will an electric pump give me better results or will i have to squeeze wiyh electric pump also. I have shortlisted medela swing and swing maxi. Which one should O buy or should i go for some other pump?


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    With double electric pumps, you don't really have to squeeze that much like you do with a manual hand pump.

    Also, have you tried Medela shields for inverted nipples? They were my lifesaver. http://www.amazon.com/Medela-SoftShe...nverted+nipple
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