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Thread: Food sensitivy or just a bad latch? What am I doing wrong?

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    Unhappy Food sensitivy or just a bad latch? What am I doing wrong?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a question about food sensitive. My LO is 15 weeks. She weight 16lbs. Birth weight 7lbs 15oz. She is eating really well and growing. My only concerns is her poor little tummy. She get so gassy and bloated. She use to scream an draw her legs up and crying none stop. You can hear her stomach gurgling and making tons of noises. It was heart breaking. My good intention mom and mom in law suggested I should switch to soy formula but I refused. Her Pedi said her digestive system need to mature and there isn't anything we can do. I have over supply and fast let down which led to lactose overload for her. We dealt with this by block feeding which bring the supply down to a reasonable amount but I still have fast let down. We nurse sideline and laid back(I try to have her head higher than my breast). I eliminated diary completely (yes even hidden dairy) I also started her on infant probiotic. She is poop once a day. Her poop is dark yellow and creamy (she never had blood in her poop. Her poop was only slight green and acidic during the lactose overload period) She always sound like she has something in her nose. Not congested but you can tell there is mucus or something. The pedi said it probably breast milk when she reflux.

    Last Friday I took two bites of a breaded tilapia. It tasted very rich so I double check and insisted the server double check and sure enough the kitchen sprinkled parmesan in the breading (even though I specified no dairy!). She was fine but a few days after that she started to get very bloated and gassy. It hasn't gotten better even though I haven't had dairy since that two bites of fish. Can she have that severe allergy to cow protein without another symptom i.e bloody stool, vomit, rash etc? Should I eliminated beef from my diet as well? What about gassy vegetables like cabbage, cauliflowers and broccoli? I'm so scare to eat anything.
    I know it's normal for baby to be gassy she is so uncomfortable that she won't sleep. She is constantly yawning and cranky. Make me so sad for her. I just want to find out the cause so she won't be so miserable. She is a happy baby when the stomach issues isn't there.

    She comfort nurse when her stomach is bloated which is fine. But lately she would nurse stop then unlatch by yank her head back without letting go of the nipple. Then latch again suck a time or two and yank her head back. She would do this over and over and over again my nipples are getting so sore (I don't think it is the lack of milk cuz I can see milk dribble on her cheek. Maybe it is the fact that milk is coming out and she doesn't want the milk?). I don't know what to do about this. She won't take a pacifier. She would suck her thumb but not when she is gassy. I tried to burp her frequently. It's hard to get a burp out until about 10 mins after she ate. We do bicycle legs, tummy massage, warm bath which help pass some of the gas but doesn't seem to provide her a lot of relief. Her pedi is pretty nonchalant about all this. I'm wondering if I should seek a second opinion or am I just crazy? Please help!! TIA
    P.s sorry for such a long post.

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    Default Re: Food sensitivy or just a bad latch? What am I doing wron

    It's a myth that veggies that cause gas in adults also cause gas in breast fed babies. I don't think beef would be the culprit either but I'm not an expert.

    Do you carry your baby upright like up on your shoulder or in a baby carrier?

    I've found that my son lets a big toot out when I let him lay on his tummy on my lap with his butt slightly up in the air (don't don't this right after feeding jnless you want spit up everywhere haha).

    I don't have much else to add exceot that i don't think your milk is necessarily the culprit. Leaving dairy out probably won't hurt but don't go limiting your diet to nothing but bland boring food quite yet!

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    Default Re: Food sensitivy or just a bad latch? What am I doing wron

    Thank you for the encouragement. I do carry her upright and over my shoulder. I'm just so lost. I been dairy free for over two months now. At this point I'm just so afraid to eat anything. I'm just wondering about the latch because when I see my LCs they all said the latch is good and she is swallowing very well. But my nipples still come out a bit raw on the tip. It doesn't bother me too much only when she start to repeatedly latch and unlatch then it start to sting. The LCs couldnt offer a solution to correct that. She just told me the way my daughter sucks her tongue scrape off the top layer of the skin. So that's why I was wondering. I just want to do something. Feel so powerless just watching her being so uncomfortable.

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    can you see another LC about the latch?

    I also suggest reading this about allergic proctocolitis http://www.bfmed.org/Media/Files/Pro...ish_120211.pdf It appears to me that you have not seen improvement from the dairy elimination, so I suspect the issue, if there is an issue, is not dairy. The breaded tilapia with a little parm, and no symptoms until days later? Just does not sound relevant. If you want to do an elimination diet, I strongly suggest eliminating ONE food group or food at a time, and putting that food back into your diet before trying another.

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    I'll call and make an appointment with the LC today. Would it be rude to ask for a LC specifically. I just feel like the one I saw last wasn't very helpful so I don't want to meet with her again. It's LC service at my local hospital so you just kind of see whoever on schedule. Thanks so much!

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    Would it be rude to ask for a LC specifically.
    No it would not be rude, this (breastfeeding going well) is an important health issue and you want to see someone you feel confident in and comfortable with. Any good IBCLC knows that sometimes she and a mom won't click for whatever reason, or if they are baffled by a situation, and it is important in those cases mom can see someone else if at all possible. I had to see an IBCLC professionally with two different babies, one was a private practice IBCLC and the other worked for a hospital, one had been a IBCLC for 20 years and was a grandmother, the other was very young and new to consulting and had no kids herself, and in both cases, even though I was entirely happy with their care, they each suggested I see someone else as well to confirm their suspicions and get input from another source. Which I did, and it was helpful. Luckily in my area there are lots of IBCLCs, they all know each other, and refer to each other all the time as needed.

    This is a description of a complete IBCLC consultation: http://cwgenna.com/lconsult.html

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    Default Re: Food sensitivy or just a bad latch? What am I doing wron

    Thank you for the responds ladies. Thank maddieb for the very informative article about elimination diets and what to expect from a LC visit. My visit was nothing like described. It was very impersonal and beside saying my baby take in good amount of milk (3oz at 9 weeks) and eveything look fine I was sent home. I was so lucky to be able to work with an LC who is amazing during my hospital stay after birth but when I ask for her they told me she has retired. I guess I'll try my luck with someone else. They can't see me until midweek next week. Meanwhile my LO pooped three times today (normal is once a day) and the last one was green, acidic and more liquidly.

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