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Thread: Baby not gaining adequate weight

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    Default Re: Baby not gaining adequate weight

    I second the breast compressions they can work wonders for a slow gaining baby.
    also you could rent your own baby scale and weight the baby your self.
    Thoose scales at the doctors office can be off and then if the baby isn't weighted on the same scale that can affect the weight.
    Keep counting diapars that's the way to tell if the baby is getting the milk they need.

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    Default Re: Baby not gaining adequate weight

    Quote Originally Posted by Estout View Post
    My baby has only gained 8 ounces in the past three weeks.
    Was he weighed on the same scale, with the same amount of clothing? You would be surprised at how often scale inaccuracies can give false results!

    What was his birth weight? Lowest weight? And what was his weight at his last check up?

    Quote Originally Posted by Estout View Post
    Besides his insufficient weight gain, my son seems to be thriving (He has excellent length and head-circumference growth, has a good amount of “awake” time, and adequate urine and bowel output.)
    Well, there you go! Weight gain is just ONE indicator of how well your baby is doing. The overall picture is what is most important!

    Quote Originally Posted by Estout View Post
    I’m perplexed on why his weight gain would be so poor, as I seem to have plenty of milk and my baby eats for approx. 30-40 minutes every three hours.
    I understand your confusion. It does sound like he is getting plenty of milk!

    Don't rule out scale inaccuracies/human error. That being said, even if his weight is accurate, the weight gain he had may be fine for him (his growth, output, and disposition speak for that!).

    Quote Originally Posted by Estout View Post
    Does anyone know of ways to increase the amount of calories in my milk? I am undoubtedly guilty of not taking proper care of myself over the past few weeks (not eating properly, getting enough fluids, or getting enough rest). Could that affect the quality of my milk?
    Allowing your baby to "finish the first breast first" will assure that he is getting the optimal amount of fats and calories.

    While it is unlikely that your eating habits have taken a toll on your milk, it is important to take care of YOU for other reasons!

    Eating properly will aid in your healing, and help you feel well. Try to have healthy snacks on hand, ask friends and relatives to bring meals when they come to visit the new baby, and take advantage of your crock pot!

    Drinking to thirst is important for your own health. If your urine is pale, you can assure that you're drinking enough.

    Resting is important for any human being, especially one who is recovering from birth and taking care of a newborn. Try to nap when baby naps!

    Quote Originally Posted by Estout View Post
    The Pediatrician has instructed me to now only feed the baby for 10 minutes on each breast, and then offer formula. I’m afraid that once I start supplementing, I will never be able, or allowed by the doctor, to stop.
    Could you seek a different opinion? If you cut your baby off at 10 minutes on each breast, he would be less likely to get the optimal mix of fat/calories in his milk.

    This advice could also lead to a decrease in your baby's breastmilk intake, as well as a decrease in your overall milk production since breastmilk production is based on supply and demand. If you decrease the demand, a decrease in supply will follow.

    Quote Originally Posted by Estout View Post
    I’m so discouraged and disheartened! I feel like I have been starving my baby for the past few weeks. Can anyone offer any advice?
    You have NOT been starving your baby. Seriously! If he was starving, he would not be content and he certainly would not be growing or gaining weight at all!

    Here is some info that you might find helpful:

    How to tell baby is getting enough milk

    How milk production works

    Finish the First Breast First

    How hindmilk/foremilk works

    Have you talked to your local LLL Leader and/or an IBCLC?

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