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Thread: Lipstick nipple still happening

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    Default Lipstick nipple still happening

    my baby is six weeks old now and we're still having issues with latch. we saw lactation consultant in the first week because my nipples were extremely sore and scanned. since then we have gotten more comfortable but lately I'm still finding a real struggle with getting him to open wide/deep latch (nipples are sore) and even when I think he has a good latch when he comes off my nipple is lipsticks shape- both sides. I have large breasts and use cross hold. I also lean back but I have stopped holding the under part of breast and I'm not sure if that's part of the problem. it's really hard at night especially, he's so feisty and I hate feeling like we're struggling and he's frustrated. I do have the book womanly art of breast feeding, looked at KellyMom and watch a million videos but they all look like baby just latches on their own and they're feeding like champs which makes it hard for me... especially the side lying position- we did that but he's not deeply latched- is that even possible?
    (he also pulls at nipple but I think that's a milk issue?)
    thanks so much for anyone who relates or has thoughts!!

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    Default Re: Lipstick nipple still happening

    Don't worry about those videos- they can be helpful but moms always say "My breasts don't look like those perfect breasts in the video" or "My baby doesn't latch nicely like that!" Well, not always but certainly often. IMO those videos should come with a disclaimer, something like "Not all babies latch like this and not all breasts look like this".

    How leaned back are you, in your current nursing position? A deeper recline might help... Or not!

    The best thing about your situation is that if you have no pain, there's every reason to believe that things will improve even if you do nothing. A bigger baby with a bigger mouth will be able to achieve a deeper latch with less effort and less assistance from you.

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