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Thread: DRASTIC Supply drop due to Period

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    Unhappy DRASTIC Supply drop due to Period

    I just got my period yesterday and I'm 10wks PP on Sunday 5-17-15. I noticed a drastic supply drop. This morning I was feeding my LO and I didn't have any let down( I always do) I didn't hear him swallowing either. He kept sucking for 2 minutes and finally pulled away and starting wailing. I haven't had any issues before and I know this is not a growth spurt problem. I popped him over to the other side and same problem. Thankfully I had pumped milk in the fridge to offer him. This continued all day long. I had to give him 4 bottles today and I tried pumping.. I can't pump barely anything out (0.5oz in 20 minutes each side). Everytime I gave him my boob he wailed. He cried so hard he turned purple and stopped breathing to belt it out. It scared me to death. He was getting so frustrated and I feel terrible.
    What can I do to get my supply back up? HELP! Feeling helpless.

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    Hi, the best way to increase milk production is to encourage baby to nurse a lot. You want to be very careful about supplementation because when baby gets nourishment from anything besides directly from mom, baby is less likely to nurse as much as baby otherwise normally would, and this will in turn cause further harm to milk production. Aside from frequent milk removal, some moms find galactagogues helpful. But the frequent milk removal is key.

    Anytime after about 2 months or so, it can be entirely normal to stop feeling let downs, to feel empty, for infants behavior to change at the breast, etc, even if mom has not seen her fertility return. This is usually entirely benign and not an indicator of low milk production. Also, pump output is very unreliable as an indicator of milk production.

    While getting your period at 2.5 months may be slightly earlier than average, it is entirely normal. Mothers have nursed their babies through the return of fertility for hundreds of thousands of years without any harm to baby. Any drop in milk production due to these normal hormonal changes are going to be temporary and unlikely to require supplementation.

    I do not know why your baby is howling like that when offered the breast. Even if there really is no milk, which I doubt, babies will still usually nurse for comfort. Mine behaved that way -miserable but refusing to nurse for comfort- when ill or after getting vaccinations, or when going through colicky periods. If a baby is experiencing breast refusal, a common cause is so called "nipple confusion" that results from a history of bottle feeding. I do not think one day of bottles would cause this?

    Again, dips in milk production are a normal part of breastfeeding. A few days of less milk is not going to hurt an otherwise healthy, gaining 2 month old.

    I would suggest looking at other possible causes if the issue truly is low milk production. Milk production depends on frequent, effective removal of milk from the breast. At 2 months, frequent would mean a minimum of 8 times a 24 hour day and usually, more often. This means baby nursing both day and night. If there are separations, pumping helps but does not always take the place of nursing when it comes to maintaining normal milk production. Anything that interferes with baby nursing with normal frequency may harm milk production and one of the results of less frequent nursing would include the 'early' return of fertility.

    Here is a good article on low milk production, including why so many moms experience a false alarm when it comes to this issue. http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp...es/low-supply/

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