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    My 4 1/2 week old gets really feisty and even though he just comes off breasts from feeding he starts ferociously eating his hands- he looks a little crazy. I can't understand it because he will feed from both breasts and I keep putting him back on and this goes on over an hour- for hours. He doesn't always feed for long and sometimes he falls asleep so I take him off and 2 minutes later he's crying/screaming or doing the hand biting as if he were never there. Any one else have this? It went on from 4pm through the whole night which is the longest he's done it for. I wasn't sure if I should just try a pacifier (I have not given one yet). He eats often and there seems to be enough milk supply... it's a lot for me and my breasts!

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    How is his weight gain? And how does nursing feel? If weight gain is normal and nursing feels okay, then this may be a growth spurt or simply a quirk; some babies have a very high need to suck and will suck on their hands even after being adequately fed. Do you have any objection to nursing and nursing and nursing some more? Because that is generally the best way to deal with this.

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