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Thread: Fast flow / bad latch?

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    My baby is now 6 weeks old and we are still experiencing some problems breastfeeding. We had a lovely calm birth but she didn't take to the breast very well after. She lost 8% of her weight but had regained her birthweight by day 10 and has been gaining well since so I know she is getting plenty to eat.

    However I am still experiencing quite a bit of pain which gets worse towards the end of the day and as each feed goes on, in an accumulative way.

    Everybody who has looked at our latch (friends who bf, health visitor, midwife, breastfeeding support worker) says it looks fine, but sounds like a bad latch as she clicks a lot as she eats. I do often have to pull her lips out though, especially the top lips-she rarely if ever flanges those herself. She seems to chomp down a lot and when she does the clicking is even louder and it hurts! She will often slip down my nipple after taking an initial big mouthful and that's often when the clicking starts (she does this soon after latching usually). When feeding she frequently gags/coughs & splutters and I have to take her off to catch her breath and recover, I also have to take her off to burp quite often as she starts to bite down and squirm / tug my nipple and I've realised its often due to wind. When taking her off due to choking there's not usually any milk spraying/pouring out but sometimes I will get that, or one side start to flow avlotXm,whilst feeding from the other!!

    When she finishes her feed my nipples always have a white crease across them, and have now started to blanch at the ends sometimes too. They feel bruised and tender, they're not raw and cracked / bleeding like they were in the first week or two but are still pretty uncomfortable, not able to towel dry after a shower etc.

    She has a good nappy output, lots of wet and usually nice yellow seedy type pops but most days there will be one green poo and she's started getting some mucous in some too.
    Any advice welcomed! X

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    Default Re: Fast flow / bad latch?

    Have you had your baby examined for a lip/tongue tie? My baby had that and we experienced many of the same symptoms you describe. See if your baby can get checked out by an IBCLC who is trained in this area and can advise you better. A lot of people aren't aware of such ties so they wouldn't know one if they saw one. I got plenty of advice from friends and family who breastfeed and all told me that it's NORMAL to hurt up until 3 months which isn't true! Luckily we got to see an LC at around 11 weeks and she saw the ties right away.
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    I agree careful assessment (or re-assessment) for ties is in order. Also, what type of latch techniques and positioning have you tried? Sometimes a baby will clamp due to the fast flow. Have you tried laid back positions and nursing frequently? These help lessen a fast flow and help a baby get a better latch. Shaping the breast using breast sandwich or other technique can help a baby get a more comfortable latch.

    Pain when nursing is indeed not normal. But clicking esp. when a mom has fast flow is pretty common.

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