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Thread: Owww! Biting issues with an 11mo

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    Help, owww help! My 11 month old is I believe starting to get his molars, though he is exhibiting different signs than the last 8 teeth. He is now biting me while nursing a lot. Like drawing blood. I have 3 holes in one nipple and 2 in the other, it is excruciating to nurse right now and I am always in fear of the next bite. Sometimes it is at the beginning of the session, sometimes in the middle and occasionally at the end. I can catch the end, but he is so quick now that he is biting down and dragging off before I know what is happening, especially at the beginning. Like right now, he is tired and ready for a nap. We do our pre-nap routine and lay down. He reaches for me to nurse and then chomp, another hole. I take him off and explain that I can't allow him to bite me so we can't nurse if he bites. He doesn't always make the connection.
    He never really took a bottle, and while he will drink out of a straw cup I'm not sure he would do well with one all day long, though my poor nipples sooooo need a break.
    He also nurses all night because of this. When he is asleep there is no biting (but pain, oh the pain) but during the day and at bedtime is the roughest.
    For teething we use camilia drops, amber necklace, teethers, frozen teethers (hylands tabs don't work that well for us). I haven't done motrin yet as he doesn't seem too bothered but this biting while nursing is getting to be way too much.
    Any thoughts or advice? This has been going on for 3 days and while I love breastfeeding him, I"m not sure I can take much more of this. It is starting to damage our nursing relationship because I am fearful of nursing now instead of looking forward to it. I know he doesn't do it to hurt me but I am in so much pain now while nursing that it is hard to keep a calm clear mind.

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    How do you react when he bites you? My son was older when he did the biting thing (about 17-18 months) and got a kick out of it and my reaction to it. So acting unfazed and pretending I was fine did the trick.

    My son didn't care if he didn't nurse so telling him "no nursing if you bite" would never have worked. Also I think an 11 month old is too young to really understand the repercussions of his actions.

    If he isn't biting while sleeping, that tells me the biting may be a behavioral thing (like my son's) rather than a teething issue. If he was teething by day, he is also teething by night! You can try giving Motrin one morning and see if that makes a difference in the biting, though I can't imagine it would if it's not due to teething discomfort.

    I explained more about my son's biting saga here, if you're interested: http://www.breastfeedinghacks.com/20...stfeeding.html
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    Thanks for the reply! To answer your questions:
    I take him off (though he is usually off already, his biting is clamping down then dragging my nipple through his teeth to let go) and say that I cannot allow him to bit me, if he needs to bite something then to bit this teether. Then i hand him a teether. Today I also started putting him on the floor as well because he broke the skin in 3 more areas. I typically don't react but there were tears from me this morning when he drew blood. I couldn't help it.

    I do think molars are part of the problem, they are swollen irritated looking and he is constantly sticking his fingers back there. he has had similar biting phases with other teeth but never this hard and he's never broken the skin. At this point today the last time he nursed was at 6am before we got up. He has had maybe 2 oz in a straw cup, though he did eat a good breakfast. I'm going to try lunch soon and see if he wants to eat.

    When I say he doesn't bite at night, we cosleep and most night feedings are when he isn't really awake and he is gentler in his sleep. Just latches on, nurses and then turns away. He loves to nurse to sleep (he's only slept 15 minutes so far today. We are going to try again after lunch) and struggles mightily when my husband puts him to bed. He does bite out of frustration though, and to show other emotions so while I believe teeth are the main part I think there is a behavioral part to it as well.
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    Default Re: Owww! Biting issues with an 11mo

    Sorry to hear. Did you try nipple shields?

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