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Thread: Breast Milk Bought Online Diluted With Cows Milk

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    Default Breast Milk Bought Online Diluted With Cows Milk

    "Breast Milk Bought Online Diluted With Cows Milk, Researchers Find"


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    Default Re: Breast Milk Bought Online Diluted With Cows Milk

    There was just another article warning adults away from buying milk for personal consumption-warning about Aids, Hepatitis, etc. I cannot find it right now but I saw it this week.

    I am very suspicious about these articles. It would be one thing if there were documented cases of someone contracting a serious disease from ingesting purchased breastmilk- and a lawsuit of something. That would be news. But are there?

    The adults who buy milk online for personal consumption are mostly people looking for alternative cures for something, or fetishists. Are either going to be seriously swayed by these warnings? The first group does not trust western medicine and consequently will not trust western media's medical reporting. The second are ....well, fetishists, and are even less likely to be swayed from their compulsions.

    Who might read these articles and be persuaded? Parents who are considering donor or purchased milk instead of formula.

    While I think women should have the right to sell their milk online to whomever they choose, I am not fan of this practice. To be honest I am also generally unhappy with online "stranger to stranger" milk sharing for a variety of reasons. But these practices have grown because a legitimate milk banking system where donors would be properly and officially screened and milk tested and the milk actually affordable has never been well supported.

    I fear these articles and 'studies' are softening the ground and will ultimately lead to legislation that would regulate or shut down informal milk selling AND donation. Without a strong milk banking infrastructure, there would then be no reasonable alternative for parents who need breastmilk for their babies.

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