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Thread: How long should I pump for?

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    Default How long should I pump for?

    This is all very frustrating. First I had thrush, then LO would not tolerate OALD issues, now I don't have enough milk! I am at my wits end yet again.
    Okay, so I'm trying to pump after every feeding because I'm not producing enough to satisfy DS. He usually detaches when no more will come out and screams and cries, refusing to latch again. DH usually cup feeds him while I pump...

    The question is, how long do I pump for?? 10-15 minutes? And how long do I have to do this until I see improvement?? Should I take fenugreek?

    For the past 3 days it has gotten progressively worse. At first he was only upset at the last feeding of the night, so I solved that by offering both sides (I didn't do this until all this started happening, I was used to just one side per feeding). Yesterday he was upset at the last 2 feedings. Tonight it's worse, it has started with the 3rd to last feeding. This is so upsetting, I was just telling people that DS and I had finally found our groove and I wanted to BF much longer than I had originally planned. And now this! I am so exasperated... do you think it's over? I really want to BF longer, DS is only 2.5 months! Please help!

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    Default Re: How long should I pump for?

    Oh boy, Jennifer, you sound very frustrated.

    I will have to go back and refresh my memory with your other posts, but...

    Is the fussiness the only indication that ds isn't getting enough?
    Could anything else be bothering him? Cold? Teeth?
    How have his diapers been? Regular output?

    It is rare for a mom's full supply to drop very quickly unless something drastic has happened that has caused a mom to greatly reduce the number of feedings. Are you thinking this may be in response to the block-feeding working a little too well?

    You could add a few pumpings a day (yes, at 10-15 min. or 2-3 minutes more after seeing the last drop) to ds's regular schedule, but of course he will be the best one to increase your supply, so anytime you can get him nursing extra is good. I understand he seems frustrated and won't nurse more, but typically with increased nursing/pumping moms will see their supplies increase in 3-4 days, or at the most a week.

    HTH. Keep us updated...
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