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Thread: aching/pulling under arm while breastfeeding

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    4th week of breastfeeding. recently, only while i breastfeed, i feel an aching/pulling sensation in the area of my back under my arm. it's almost as if i can feel him suck milk out of that part of my back. could this be connected to mastitis? i recently had mastitis (or perhaps just plugged duct) for the 2nd time, in that breast, which i thought i had cleared up. thx 4 any help

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    There's actually breast tissue extending into the armpit area- it's called the Tail of Spence. So you could certainly be feeling milk moving through that area. Is it connected to the recent bout of mastitis/plugged duct? Maybe. It's common for there to be residual soreness following mastitis/plugs. It's more likely if the plug was in that area.

    Are you wearing an underwire or not well-fitting bra? Underwires are notorious for causing plugs, and the end of the underwire pokes right up against the Tail of Spence...

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    I had that too! Mine was after a bout of mastitis as well, when little one was about the same age, it only lasted a week or so, then it went away, so hopefully it does the same for you. I never did figure out what it was though
    Ryder James 1/21/13

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