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Thread: Boosting low supply after plugged duct

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    Default Boosting low supply after plugged duct

    Looking for advice, sorry for the novel Baby is 7 weeks, EBF from birth, and had been gaining really well until her weight check 2 days ago. We have a visiting nurse do a weekly weight check bc Baby was small for gestational age and had some blood sugar issues after birth.

    I had a plugged duct in my right breast for 2-3 days last week before heat/massage/nursing resolved it. My right breast has always produced less when pumping (only occasionally pumping when I know I'll be leaving Baby with someone else). It is now much softer than my left breast so I'm concerned about low supply on the right side, especially bc her last weight check only showed a 4oz gain after the week with the plugged duct. She had previously been gaining 7-10 oz weekly.

    I know it's entirely possible that the smaller gain is normal, the nurse wanted to see what next week's gain is before being concerned.

    My question for you all is whether I should add in a pumping session a day to boost supply or if it will encourage another plugged duct? I pay strict attention to Baby's latch, but she is a lazy nurser at night and doesn't always get a full feed before falling asleep again. She also recently dropped a night feed entirely. Good for sleep but I think it contributed to the plugged duct

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts you have!

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    Default Re: Boosting low supply after plugged duct

    How about encouraging baby to nurse more often in general, or nurse more often on that side? Wouldn't nursing more often be more to the point for both increasing/maintaining normal weight gain and getting milk production up as well? IN a situation like this, pumping is the middle man. And often it helps to eliminate the middle man. If you are concerned about weight gain, the absolutely last thing you want is for baby to drop any feedings, night or day. A 7 week old baby of any weight or birth size usually needs to nurse frequently night and day for normal milk production and gain, and yes, baby taking a longish stretch of not nursing will certainly contribute to plugs as well.

    If you tell us more about the weight history, as well as how often baby gets bottles and how often/how much you pump, we may be able to help you troubleshoot if you like.

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    Default Re: Boosting low supply after plugged duct

    Also nice to know that breast feeling softer doesn't mean that there is not enough milk being produced
    "It is normal for a mother’s breasts to begin to feel less full, soft, even empty, after the first 6-12 weeks."
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    Default Re: Boosting low supply after plugged duct

    Start each feeding with the low side and try to end off with that side also (come back to it after baby takes second side).

    Hand express from low side after each feeding for a few minutes, even if not much comes out.

    Can you dreamfeed? When baby goes to sleep, you can just lift her up and feed her before you go to bed without her even waking up. It's a great way to feed. My baby ate so much better when dreamfeeding than during a regular feeding because he wasn't distracted and I was awake (not awoken in the middle of the night) so I let him go as long as he needed.
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