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Thread: 7 week old forgot how to latch?

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    Default 7 week old forgot how to latch?

    Help!! My 7 week old has somehow suddenly forgotten how to latch. For the past few days at every feed I have started feeding him at the first hunger cues (as always) but when I try to put him on the boob his mouth will be full of my nipple but he won't suckle or actually latch on and he starts getting frustrated and hitting my chest and ends up scream crying for 10 minutes no matter what I do. Then when I finally get him latched on he instantly calms down and eats like the whole screaming episode never happened. I know don't have an overactive letdown and I could be wrong but I don't think it could be reflux because I feed him more upright than laid down and he'll be totally fine after he eats and burps, even though he does spit up a little most times. We've only given him four bottles in his whole life, first one at a month and last on was on Sunday. I'm about to give up on breastfeeding all together because it's been so tough these last few days. Any advice?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Abrupt changes in nursing behavior could be due to illness- this might be a good time to take your baby in to the pediatrician and have his ears checked- or could just be a nursing quirk that your baby has suddenly developed. A 7 week-old baby is still getiing the hang of nursing, and if he has issues with latching I think it's helpful to remember that sometimes even the baby doesn't know what he needs or how to get it. He has to connect the dots between that feeling in his stomach and latching on and sucking and the end result of that feeling going away- it's a lot of connections for a 7 week-old person to make!

    Some things that might help:
    - Keep trying to get to him at the earliest cues
    - Try expressing a little milk onto the skin of the nipple before latching him on- sometimes the taste of milk in the baby's mouth will help him remember the connection between latching, nursing, and feeling happier
    - Shelve the bottles and pacifirs for now- you want baby to get as much practice with the breast as possible while he goes through this difficult phase

    Is the baby especially fussy at a certain time of day, perhaps later in the afternoon or evening?

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