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Thread: Baby's eating and sleeping issues.

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    Post Baby's eating and sleeping issues.

    Hi All,

    My baby is 3 months old, gaining weight properly and we are sort of getting into a routine, she tends to sleep through the night but i need some advise, we are pretty strict with her night routine bath at 8:15 breastfeeding by 8:45 and she usually eats for about 45 minutes and sleep till at least 5:00- and then during the day she's been pretty well adjusted too, sleeps till at least 8 then a nap around 10 then maybe 2:00 for about an hour sometimes three hours depends on the day... but for the past 3 days she has been off beat- i nurse her during the day and at night she eats for 10-15 minutes and falls asleep for 10-30 minutes and then party starts.... now yesterday i gave in and gave her a bottle after the whole day because i felt to tired and out of it because she wouldn't sleep at all and nurse nurse nurse.... i honestly thought it might be a growth spurt but that usually lasted a day maybe two and she was back to normal.... what really worries me is the fact that she's not nursing like she used to she falls asleep and after half an hour wants to nurse again.
    BTW she is lactose intolerant but we have that under control

    does anyone have an explanation for her different behavior ?!?

    things i already thought about are:

    growth spurt

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    Hi and welcome!

    Your baby's nursing behavior now sounds entirely normal to me, and what was happening before with a nightly 7 hour sleep stretch with no nursing(?) is what sounds unusual. Also, you can expect nursing behavior as well as sleep behavior to change pretty often in the first year at least. (And by change I do NOT mean sleep progressively gets longer.)

    If you are wondering why baby is suddenly wanting to nurse more day and night, I have a couple guesses.
    1) 'The "Crisis" at Three Months'*: 3 to 4 months is a typical age for a baby to start nursing very differently than before, either more often or less often than before, maybe shorter sessions, more fussyness at the breast, etc. At the same time moms tend to feel as if they make less milk, and growth rate slows. These are all NORMAL occurrences at this age. What makes it a crisis is that many moms experience these changes and assume they can no longer meet baby's need for milk and start supplements/bottles etc. and this- the supplements- start causing real breastfeeding problems.

    2) Your milk production really has been negatively impacted because baby has been sleeping/not eating a longish stretch for a while (9:30PM - 5 am is 7 and a half hours, an unusually long stretch for no nursing as a regular thing this young.) So, baby is nursing often in order to bring the production back up. This usually works quite well, which is why baby does it, and it is a very good idea to encourage baby to nurse lots.

    Generally, the typical recommendation is that babies are nursed when they wish for as long as they wish. "Routines" that are baby-led are fine, but they are going to change, fairly frequently, this is typical. Schedules (for feeding or sleeping) imposed on baby are problematic as they have been shown to lead to low milk production and, consequently and eventually, to poor weight gain, supplementing, and the premature end of breastfeeding.

    Also, what do you mean your baby is lactose intolerant and how is that under control? Do you mean a dairy protein issue? I am just wondering if you are on a very strict diet and if that might be contributing to you feeling so drained. Of course you are tired, all moms of young babies are tired. But days/nights of lots of nursing is not out of the ordinary.

    *From My Child Won't Eat by Carlos Gonzalez

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    Default Re: Baby's eating and sleeping issues.

    Totally with MaddieB's post. The whole point of a routine- as opposed to a schedule- is that a routine is flexible and responds to your baby's changing needs. Your baby seems to be showing you that she needs to change things up, and my guess is that a supply drop caused by the very long stretch of sleep explains why she suddenly needs to nurse a lot more often.

    I too am curious what you mean when you say that your baby is lactose intolerant. True lactose intolerance is almost unheard of in babies, because production of the enzyme that breaks down lactose is actually highest in infancy.

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    so it's not lactose intolerance but dairy protein issue- she gets a horrible rash when i eat anything with milk/lactose so it is a quite a strict diet, she also gets somewhat fussy when i eat too many veggies, so my diet is quite limited. I also don't drink caffeine coffee just decaf so after a whole day i am pretty excaused like most new moms. I guess she spoiled me with sleeping though the night and i just need to relax and go with the flow, and i am totally flexible, its more a routine like you said then a schedule- so for now I'll relax and see where we go from here.

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    Ok great. Yes it can be hard if you have had to eliminate something like dairy, that is in so many things, and that you are used to eating, so I can only suggest be as creative as possible to make sure you continue to have your nutritional needs met.

    For helpful ideas for mom getting more sleep and good info on what is normal I suggest the book Sweet Sleep from LLL.

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