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Thread: Should I try elimination diet??

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    Default Should I try elimination diet??

    Hi ladies. This is my first time posting. I have a 6 week old baby girl who I EBF. Since day one she has spit up. And I mean a lot!!! I also have 2 other children I breastfed and they never spit up as much as this little one. I have tried everything, burping her very frequently, keeping her at incline after feedings and nothing has helped. She was born at 6lbs 15oz and now weighs 9lbs 15oz as of today at exactly 6 weeks old. So weight gain isn't really an issue. I do think I have a little OALD as she chokes a little sometimes but I'm trying to pull her off when I feel the letdown coming for a moment. She does seem to be a bit colicky though. She is very fussy throughout the day and nothing really seems to help. She sometimes will seem so frantic to nurse throwing her head from side to side but won't actually suck when I offer it to her. So maybe she's in pain??? She poops and pees great! No mucous or blood in stool. No eczema. The pediatrician gave me Zantac to try to see if it would give her relief but it literally does not help at all. I guess my question is, should I try giving up at least dairy to see if she will be less fussy and spit up less or is this not likely my problem??

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    I don't see any reason to do any diet changes based on what you describe. Spitting up, even large amounts and frequently, is normal. Fussiness, even baby being much more fussy than her siblings, is normal. The throwing her head around sounds like it may be normal rooting behavior as baby searches for your body (not just your breast) in space. Many babies need that security and it is not that they won't nurse but that they can't unless they are oriented to your body, pressed against you at several points. So this may be helped by changing your nursing position. What positions do you typically nurse in?

    Baby has gained an average of a half pound a week since birth, which is very good gain for sure but not indicative of the unusually fast gain as you would see with problematic overproduction. So to me it sounds like some fast letdown but not overproduction. So if anyone suggests block nursing, I would suggest avoiding that.

    For fast letdown and the fussiness, my best advice is to encourage very frequent nursing, nurse reclined if you feel comfortable with that, and hold baby in an upright (her head above her tum) position most of the time. (Such as, on her tummy, snuggled on your chest or up on your shoulder.) Burping a lot may or may not help, Some babies will spit up and be harder to settle if they keep getting burped rather than just nursing to sleep. If baby is ok with nursing one side at a time, that may also help, as long as baby continues to nurse very often overall. These things and time usually take care of these issues.

    On the other hand, if cutting out dairy for a week or so is not a hardship for you, no reason to not try it. I would only caution: 1) If you do not see at least some improvement in 3 to 4 days, then it probably is not the problem and 2) If you do see improvement, that may be for any number of reasons, in other words, just a coincidence. In the case of no improvement, I would suggest add back dairy to your diet before eliminating anything else (if you want to keep trying eliminations.) If you see improvement, stay dairy free for a few weeks. If there is no relapse while you are dairy free, then to test it, try eating a good sized helping of dairy to see if symptoms return. This will allow you to see more accurately if dairy really was the problem.

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    Default Re: Should I try elimination diet??

    My guess is that dairy is not the problem- all the behaviors you describe are so typical for young babies. Most likely you got lucky with your first two, which makes this baby seem more difficult/perplexing. But eliminating dairy is certainly something you can try, especially if doing so is not a hardship for you.

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