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Thread: Latching on then pulling off 1 week old

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    Default Latching on then pulling off 1 week old

    My 1 week old is doing amazing when it comes to latching on. If I don't give her an oz of bm or formula first she will continue to latch and pull away. Can someone please help? Can my let down be too fast? Too slow?

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    Default Re: Latching on then pulling off 1 week old

    It may be neither. Many babies in the very early days have to work a bit to get a latch that is comfortable and effective for them. You can help baby latch, also sometimes it helps more to get out of the way and let baby do what baby needs to do. Latching and nursing takes practice.

    Unless baby needs supplements due to poor gain, I would suggest stop supplements. If "instant reward" prior to nursing is helping baby latch, then you can achieve that by hand expressing a drop or two of milk prior to nursing, or dripping a few drops on your nipple at the point baby latches and until baby starts sucking.

    Also it is very important to bring baby to the breast at the earliest cues or prior to any cue. Basically baby can hang out, snuggled on mom, most of the time. This way baby has easy and immediate access to the breast and this helps a lot.

    Here are several good videos about how to help baby get secure on the breast so baby can relax and latch and nurse: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9g...VRtTfDzjv50Oyw

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