I am not TTC, but I am nursing an almost 2.5 year old, who still nurses quite frequently at night. I agree with maddieb--it all got way easier for me psychologically when I stopped worrying about the night nursing and just embraced it. Really, I wasn't personally worried about it at all except for the fact that it took me until my child was a few months old to find the right, supportive communities to surround myself with. That truly helped more than anything else!

But practically speaking, I think the night nursing frequency most noticeably went down for us shortly after age 2. By that point, my daughter had acquired a very large vocabulary, had broken her 2 year molars, and passed through to the other side of most of the things that caused us upticks in night nursing. As you mentioned, it is just so darn EASY to nurse back to sleep, so nightweaning has never been a tool that sounds appealing to me personally--but indeed, over time, she is scaling back all on her own, without me doing anything to encourage it. I don't really know exactly how many times she nurses at night at this point because I honestly can sleep completely through whatever she is doing at this age. No more flip-flopping fishy moves, if that's at all part of your experience (it was ours!).