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Thread: Heart broken please help

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    Default Heart broken please help

    if there is anyone who can offer some advice about baby weight gain I would really appreciate it! My son is 5 weeks old and is exclusively breast fed. He's always been On the low side in weight gain usually only 1/2oz per day. The problem starting last week he only gained 2 oz. and this week he hasn't gained anything. He hasn't lost anything but he's not gaining. He has poopy diapers every two hours and lots of wet diapers, so output is good. I've met with the hospital LC's and they fixed my/ his latch and taught me how to keep him on longer and offer the same breast at the next feed to ensure he's getting the hind milk. They also weighed him and after a full feed on one side he had transferred one ounce. Tonight he's been extremely fussy at the breast like he's not getting enough, and I've noticed in the last two days I feel empty. I sent my husband to the store to get formula as I don't want him to be hungry, but I sit here with baby on breast in tears not knowing what I'm doing wrong or how I can fix this. I have the formula but I can't bring myself to give it to him. Please help me if you have any advice.

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    I'm so sorry you're having issues. I'm a first time mom and I don't have any solid advice but I wanted to post to tell you to hang in there, momma. Keep trying to get your baby to latch. If he's fussy maybe try walking him down until he calms a little and try again in 5-10 minutes? I don't know anything about why he's not gaining if his wet diapers are okay but since he is wetting maybe he's getting enough but the scale used to weigh him is messed up?

    Also babies take different amounts every feed so just because he took one ounce for that one weighted feed doesn't mean he's always getting that little. He might be getting 3 or 4 oz at a different feed.

    It's normal to not feel full. Your body wants to make just enough milk for your baby and not much extra since it takes calories and nutrients to make. I had horrible engorgement my first week when my milk came in. I went from an A cup to a very full C if not a D! I stayed that way until I got my over production under control and now the only time I feel full is at work when I need to pump. On my days off it feels like my breasts are empty but they are far from!

    I would say trust your body and trust your baby. I know that's hard to do but as long as baby isn't losing weight and his wet diapers keep up then keep breast feeding! Formula is a medical intervention and should be the last resort. Hopefully an experienced mommy will post with better help but for now I wanted to support you. My heart goes out to you and your little one. I can't imagine how you feel but I know you can get through this.

    ETA: babies are fussy in the evening. They want to feed often to "tank up" before a longer sleep stretch so if he unlatches, fusses, then relatches for a few minutes over and over, that's normal!
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    Default Re: Heart broken please help

    Welcome to the forum!

    Some questions for you:
    - Has baby always been weighed on the same scale, or have there been a variety of scales in the mix?
    - Can you post a complete weight history? (Birth weight, lowest weight, weight at each checkup.)
    - Has baby been particularly sleepy or jaundiced?
    - How many times does baby nurse in a 24 hour period?
    - How does nursing feel? Are you having any pain, blistering, or cracking?
    - Have you recently started hormonal contraception?

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    Only one scale involved
    • Birth 8.7
    • 1 week 7.15
    • 2 week 8.6
    • 3 weeks 8.13
    • 4 weeks 9.5
    •5 weeks 9.7
    • 5 1/2 weeks 9.2
    He is a slow sleepy eater, I burp him/ wake him 2-3 x each side
    He nurses 30-40 min each side
    Nurses 12 plus times a day
    No pain/ LC corrected the latch
    No contraception

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    Default Re: Heart broken please help

    Thanks for posting that!

    It looks like weight gain has been higher than 1/2 oz per day. When you're measuring weight gain, you go from the lowest know weight, not birth weight. That means that your baby gained 7 oz between 1 and 2 weeks, 7 oz between 2 and 3 weeks, 8 oz between 3 and 4 weeks- and that's when things start to look a little dodgy, because the scale is showing a gain of just 2 oz between 4 and 5 weeks, and a loss of 5 oz between 5 and 5.5 weeks. So in other words, weight gain starts out normal but then seems to reverse course. This is despite a good frequency of nursing sessions.

    I'd love for you to go back to the LC- is she an IBCLC?- for some more help. One possibility is that your little guy is just too sleepy or not yet a good enough nurser to maintain supply, and that he gained well when your supply was high and milk was easy to come by but now has fallen off because he's not able to maintain supply where it should be.

    Do you have a pump? When a baby is having trouble maintaining mom's supply, pumping in addition to nursing can boost supply and keep it boosted until the baby is adept enough to keep it high on his own.

    You say the LC taught you how to "offer the same breast at the next feed to ensure he's getting the hind milk." Can you explain exactly what that means? Does it mean that baby starts every feeding on the breast he finished on the last time but is allowed to nurse on both breasts, or does it mean that you are offering just one breast?

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    I do have a pump. Kaiser provided an Ameda double electric. So, I should feed then pump how much later? And hour? And for how long? And what she suggested was that if I leave off nursing on the left for example then the next feeding I would start on the left and go to the right, then the next feeding would start on right and go to the left, etc.

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    Is the pump an Ameda Purely Yours? That's a good pump, but if it does not give you great results be prepared to trade up for a hospital grade rental, just until you get beyond this early period of difficulty.

    My suggestion is to pump soon after nursing, somewhere between immediately and an hour afterwards. I'd want to pump around 10 minutes per side, at a minimum. That probably means that you'll be pumping beyond the point where you see significant amounts of milk coming out, which is okay. The stimulation counts regardless of whether or not the milk is coming. Please don't worry if you don't get much, if anything, especially the first few times you pump. If the baby empties the breast well, there's often not much milk left to be taken out via pump.

    The LC's suggestion about how to nurse the baby- start on the side you concluded on at the last session- is a good one. But it's very important for moms to know that what matters, when it comes to growth, is not quality of milk (i.e., hindmilk vs. foremilk), but milk QUANTITY. In other words, more volume is better for growth than trying to adjust the balance of hindmilk vs. foremilk consumed by the baby.

    Please let us know how things go with pumping and weight gain. We will be happy to help you troubleshoot if things aren't going how they should.

    Has your baby been checked VERY carefully for tongue and lip ties?

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    Default Re: Heart broken please help

    This has been very informative, THANK YOU for responding. My pump is an Ameda purely yours, and I am currently pumping after each nursing session thanks to your advice, hope my body gets the message! Yes he was checked by his pediatrician and two different LC's just to be sure and there are no ties to report. My husband and other children are going to the coast this weekend, so I plan on having a nursing and pumping extravaganza in hopes of boosting my supply while not having anyone or anything to worry about, just baby and I for a few days. I'll reply should things not improve or I have any other questions. Thanks again!

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