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Thread: Need help my 5 week old stopped nursing

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    Default Need help my 5 week old stopped nursing

    There has to be a way to fix this my heart is breaking. My LO was a strong nurser the first 3 weeks of her life despite all our problems but now she won't take the breast at all. It started with cracked nipples leaving the hospital and then got a plugged duct and went on antibiotics in week 2. Then I think I had thrush entering week three but she kept powering through even though I was in so much pain. Starting week 4 we were instructed to introduce bottles to give me a break once in a while to heal. Then she started latching really well but would fuss at the breast. Local LC said it seemed like a dairy or gluten sensitivity and my milk was upsetting her so I should pump off foremilk and then offer breast and that worked for a couple days until she refused nipple completely. Screamed when placed near it. LC said to take a couple days off and pump only and clean up diet. Her mood is better and so are her poos but I don't know how to get her back to the breast. Now she roots and finds comfort in sleeping on my breast but won't open up at all to feed. Have tried nipple shield and lactation aid with no luck. Please help, I want this to work so bad, I don't know if I have the heart to Exclusively pump

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    Welcome to the forum! I am so sorry about the nursing strike. The best way to get a baby back to the breast is to do 2 things:
    1. maintain milk supply via frequent pumping with a high-quality double electric oump with properly sized shields
    2. patiently and persistently offer to nurse in all sorts of different situations- when the baby is wide awake and hungry, when she is tired and not very hungry at all, when she is asleep, in the bath, outside, in a sling, after an oz of milk from the bottle has taken the edge off her hunger, etc. This link gives good tips on dealing with strikes: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/.

    In addition to trying the above, I strongly suggest finding a different LC, and reaching out to your local LLL leaders. The advice you were given strikes me as extremely dodgy. Fussiness following the introduction of a bottle sounds much more like the common situation of a baby developing bottle preference rather than the rare conditions of dairy or gluten sensititivities. And pumping is in no way the proper treatment for a food sensitivity- in fact, it's not really recommended at all except in cases where severe engorgement makes it impossible for a baby to latch. And finally, when a baby does have a sensitivity, it is recommended that the mother continue to nurse while eliminating problem foods from her diet.

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    Default Re: Need help my 5 week old stopped nursing

    I totally agree with mommal. Please take heart, it is very early days. A baby who nursed great until 3 weeks is very likely to be able to nurse happily and well again. This is a bump in the road, not a derailment. It also sounds to me as if you and your baby have been the victims of some serious over-interventionism.- that is, interventions that occurred when there really was no serious problem and/or are not appropriate for addressing the problem at hand.

    Also, please tell me the LC did not actually say "Clean up your diet." or that your milk was "upsetting" your baby...these are terrible things to say to a breastfeeding mother, not only disempowering but also simply incorrect.

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    Default Re: Need help my 5 week old stopped nursing

    I don't have much advice, but wanted to offer moral support. It sounds like you have been off to a really rocky start, but hang in there.

    I was getting really discouraged, and have decided to go with my gut.

    Plus, not all LC's are rock stars. There was one at the hospital that told me something was very wrong, when the baby couldn't lack on correctly, and didn't offer much support beyond that. It was late in the day, so maybe she was tired. But I was like, "Wow, thanks a lot."

    I went to the other LC, and I have appreciated her advice and encouragement. In fact, I'm going to see her for more help tomorrow.

    I am also not sure that I buy the whole clean diet thing. I thought food when to your intestine. I am not sure that it affects the breast milk, though I could be wrong.


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