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Thread: Suddenly only wanting 1 breast

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    My son is 2 months old and has always nursed great. Now that he is no longer such a newborn, he's not as interested in eating every waking second of his day. That's fine, of course--I do mean EVERY WAKING SECOND!--but weirdly, he has decided that he will take only the left breast. The right breast is completely unacceptable to him unless he is a) super hungry, and b) side-lie nursing. My left breast--the one he likes--has always been a lower producer than my right. My question is, is this a problem? Will my left breast produce enough milk for him until such time as he decides the right side is acceptable again? If so, should I pump my right breast a few times a day, or just let the milk supply reduce in that side? Right now it is pretty engorged. He has at least 6-7 wet diapers every day and generally takes a huge poo once a day. (This has been his pattern for several weeks, not just lately.) Thanks!

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    Hi mama, congrats on successfully bfing to 8 weeks! Great!
    This info might help: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/lopsided/ Sorry NAK and can't type anymore...
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    Ouch! Is it thrush or Raynaud's phenomenon?

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    One breast can provide enough milk for the baby. This is how moms nurse multiples. I would pump your right side to keep supply up. Plus you'll have a nice stash if/when you need to leave baby for work or a spa day or whatever.

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    Having baby nurse on only one side is only a problem if you feel that it's a problem. Some moms are perfectly content to nurse only or primarily on a single breast. The potential downsides of nursing on just one breast are lopsidedness- you might end up with noticeable size differences- and not having a "spare" should your left breast suddenly not be usable.

    Have you tried maintaining baby in the same position between breasts? That is, if you nurse him with his left ear facing up, switch him to the other side with that same ear facing up. Sometimes that tricks baby into thinking he's still on his favorite breast, because he hasn't changed position at all.

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