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Thread: breastmilk right before(AND after) solids

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    Question breastmilk right before(AND after) solids

    My little daughter after tomorrow will be 12 months old, she eats solids around 3-4 times a day(breakfast(usually it’s millet/quinoa/buckwheat/oatmeal with banana or apple), lunch(veggies with meat), dinner-veggies or smth from our plates(actually dinner is hard going now, she refuses to eat it) and snacks as fruits between) and A LOT OF bf… like non-stop(it started week ago), I feel myself milk station… very rarely she drinks water: few sips a day. Often it happens she asks(demands!) breast right before(AND after) solids… I don’t want to refuse… but at the same time I am afraid to overfeed her: i wait like 30 minutes after bf and give her solids… I really don’t know how to react when she asks breast but soon we need to have breakfast/lunch/dinner…. should I worry about it? or let things going like it is?
    ps. I love breastfeeding my little one, it’s really amazing experience
    Thank you very much for any suggestions!

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    A lot of people find that their young toddlers go through a "nursing like a newborn" phase. Perhaps due to teeth (for example, one year molars) or developmental milestones (walking) or whatever other reason. Perhaps after eating she is thirsty! Baby won't overfeed at the breast, so I don't think you should worry about that. At a year old, solids are just starting to take on a more important role in terms of nutrition, but many one-year-olds have limited interest in solids and are happy to drink mostly milk and are perfectly healthy doing so! It is perfectly fine, indeed healthy and natural, to nurse your toddler as often as she likes. Eventually she will eat more solids and want to nurse less - but that may not happen for a while and that is all normal!

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    with the PP! My kids were definitely nursing like newborns around that age, but they grew out of it. I don't remember when, exactly, because the transition from newborn-like nursing to toddler-style nursing was gradual and there was a lot of back-and-forth, but it did happen eventually.

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