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Thread: Frenectomy: Baby refuses to nurse afterwards

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    Unhappy Frenectomy: Baby refuses to nurse afterwards

    Hi everyone! I am new to the LLL website. I wanted to get some input from mothers who have had their baby's lip and tongue ties revised. We are about 2 weeks out and my LO is about 8 weeks. Prior to the surgery he would latch and "nurse" or calmly suckle at the breast with no transfer of milk. Now following the surgery he will no longer nurse and screams if we even attempt, even if just comfort nursing on a full belly. I have done so much reading and I feel like we are doing everything "right" to regain the nursing relationship (seeing IBCLC consultant, SLP, CST, skin to skin, warm baths, suck training, you name it).

    I am hoping that any moms who have had the experience of a baby who won't nurse after a frenectomy would offer some of their story here. Did it get better? How long did it take? Did it just click or was it gradual? Have you had any professional opinions as to WHY the baby wouldn't nurse but still suck on the bottle and pacis? At this point it's difficult to have any hope. The schedule we are on of pumping is just not sustainable much longer with 2 other children at home to care for.

    Thank you in advance!

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    I am experiencing the same problem with my baby - we are 4 days post the procedure. Did you figure out what to do to make your baby nurse?

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