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Thread: how to increase nap length on one nap? 15mo

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    Default how to increase nap length on one nap? 15mo

    Another sleep question ladies.

    My lo is about 15 months old notes. She just recently dropped her pm nap and is on one nap a day.
    Wu 730ish

    Nap 12
    Bedtime 7

    I'm trying to get her to sleep longer than 45-60 min for nap because she can barely make it to bedtime. I've tried laying her stay latched but right around the 45-60 min mark I letdown again and it rouses her. I've tried laying in bed with her and letting her nurse as soon as she wakes up in hopes of nursing her back down but once I let dish she fully wakes up. I've tried just letting her nap regularly in hopes she'll naturally lengthen her nap.The only thing I haven't tried is to attempt a 'dreamfeed' right before she wakes. I'm just not sure if that will work because the let down wakes up her (during the day, during the night she sleeps right through the let down.) Nothing works. She sleeps 12.5+ hrs at night (nursing 2-4x/night.)

    When we were doing two naps she was nursing 8+/night, not falling asleep until 830+ at night and then waking up 6am (9 .5-10hrs at night). Naps were around 45 min if I was lucky and she often refused the pm nap.
    I guess I'm just asking how I can encourage her to take a longer nap? Our should I just accept the short naps even though we only so one a day?
    Thank you ladies!

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    Default Re: how to increase nap length on one nap? 15mo

    Why do you think the nap needs to be longer? It sounds like baby is telling you this is all baby needs. you might try moving nap a bit later (or bedtime earlier) if she is overly exhausted in the evening.

    that transition to one nap is tough. When my oldest did that, he dropped the afternoon nap but kept the am, which meant his one and only nap started at 10 AM- if I was lucky. Some days, he would be dropping off at 9:30. Oh those were looooong days.

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    Default Re: how to increase nap length on one nap? 15mo

    It does sound like she is pretty content with her current nap situation...

    You could try having her nap in a stroller...? That's how my kids napped until they were around 2. Motion kept them asleep for much longer than anything else!

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    Default Re: how to increase nap length on one nap? 15mo

    I guess I think she needs to nap longer because she's going to be so early! I'm afraid that after a while that early bedtime is going to lead to an early wake up time. If she continued to sleep 12+ hours at night with a small nap midday I'd be okay with it. She also seems grumpy and VERY clingy toward me. VERY clingy.

    I have tried the stroller, unfortunately she's NEVER napped in a stroller. EVER! She use to nap in the moby, but once we switched to the ergo she stopped napping on the go.

    Maybe it's just a phase, maybe she's getting ready to do something awesome! We'll see.
    Thank you gal's!

    PS Sorry for all the typos! Sometimes I don't get a chance to read over my post before I send it. Little curious hands make my computer time short!!

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    Default Re: how to increase nap length on one nap? 15mo

    Babies sleep in cycles. AFter about 45 minutes of sleep, one cycle turns into another and that's why lots of babies will wake up or fidget then, most going back to sleep afterwards. My baby does that like clockwork. He falls asleep 10:30, 11:15 I'll hear him turn over, sometimes make some sounds, and then go back to sleep. If he doesn't, I know that he's still tired but something kept him from falling back asleep. I'll go in, give him his paci and and blanket again and lay him down and walk out. Usually he'll protest but it's just for about a minute, which doesn't bother anyone. And he'll go back to sleep if he's tired enough (99% of the time). Once in a while he just won't go back to sleep and after a few minutes I"ll just take him out.

    Stroller never worked for naps. His muscles twitch too much in his sleep if he's in the carriage (I don't know why). Also he sleeps much deeper if he has room and can turn over.

    15 months is a very difficult time for lots of tots. Teething, learning to walk, etc.
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    Default Re: how to increase nap length on one nap? 15mo

    Have you tried unlatching her when she falls asleep, staying next to her and then letting her relatch when she roots around after the first sleep cycle? That might let her go down for another cycle. The let down wouldn't be a problem then. I can always tell that my son needs another sleep cycle if he wakes up cranky, so I offer him more milk and he goes back to sleep. If he's happy and bouncing, I know he's really up.

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