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Thread: Best way to use freezer stash

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    Default Best way to use freezer stash

    I'm going back to work soon. Unfortunately I travel 17 days out of the month and pumping will not work for me due to logistics. I've built up a freezer stash and I was wondering what's the best way to use it? Should I have my husband and Mother in law give her breast milk once a day or twice? Is their any benefit for drawing this out as long as possible by giving it to her once a day? Is it just better to give her the milk twice a day so it's more effective?


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    In a regular freezer (not the dedicated deep freeze type), milk will only stay good for up to 6 months. I'd say there's no point to draw things out. Use all the freezer stash first, and then switch to formula. Although if you are worried that baby won't like formula at first, when stash is nearly out, you can start giving a bottle of thawed milk and a bottle of formula. Good luck!

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