Breastfeeding Today, Issue 28, March 2015

Features: Outgrowing the Need, or Weaning Gently

Breastfeeding "Forever" - the benefits of extended nursing and gradual weaning

A Child's Perspective - What breastfeeding meant to a child who weaned at age 7

Who needs WHO? - the World Health Organization's code for marketing of breastmilk substitutes

A Response to Indignation at Breastfeeding in Public Spaces
Mothers' Stories: Tess's Story: Breastfeeding After Reduction Surgery

Heather's Story: A Change of Position - Lying down was the key to learning how to breastfeed for Heather and her baby

Jess's Story: The First Six Months - Accepting that the early days of breastfeeding mean spending 99% of your time sitting on the couch nursing

Christina's Story: Growing Powerful - Finding strength and encouragement in an LLL mothering community
Mom to Mom: Bonding with Daddy - "How can I help my husband bond with our baby while I'm breastfeeding?"
What's Cooking: Oat Flapjack