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Thread: Baby won't take bottle, can't go back to work

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    Question Baby won't take bottle, can't go back to work

    Hello all, any advise would be much appreciated!
    My baby is three months old, breast fed, and won't drink out of a bottle - I had to delay my maternity leave because of this. From about 1 - 8 weeks old he would have an occasional bottle and had no problem latching onto it and drinking out of it. A few weeks ago, in preparation for returning to work, I started offering him bottles and he just won't latch on and drink for more than a few seconds. At best he will latch for a few seconds, and then gum on or chomp the nipple ineffectually, coo, gurgle, spit, latch for a second or two, etc.
    I have tried every available type of bottle at this point, from Dr. Brown's to tommee tippee to Breast Flow, Nuk, etc. I have tried leaving the house while someone else offers it, and it does not seem to help. Could it be because he has a tongue tie? He never had any problems latching onto the breast.

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    I think most people who have faced this situation, myself included, will tell you that it just takes perseverance and time.

    My DD refused the bottle at first and still does not love it. My first week or so back at work she only took about 4oz during the day. It was incredibly stressful on me. She seemed fine.

    The only "trick" that helped a little bit is distraction. Allowing baby to face out and look at neat things like a tree out the window or the spice rack, etc. helped some. Now that she's older (9 months) nanny lets her hold something and she likes to bang it against the bottle.

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    This recent thread has suggestions that may help? http://forums.llli.org/showthread.ph...es-help-please!

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    My baby had tongue tie and was REALLY not a fan of the bottle. He eventually learned to take one at hte babysitter, but would drink the bare minimum until a few weeks later. Really, in the first week back at work, he drank like 4 oz during an 8 hr separation. His tongue tie was released much later (because we only found out he had one really late). But it had gotten way better already before the tongue-tie release. The tie makes it harder for them. We used Avent Natural with newborn flow as per my IBCLC.
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