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Thread: Baby feeds for 5 minutes and then I need to give him formla

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    Default Baby feeds for 5 minutes and then I need to give him formla


    My son is 3 weeks and he is feeding 5 minutes on each breast. He swallows fast and has reflux. After that he starts falling asleep so I put him on his bed and after a few minutes he starts crying so I give him a bottle of formula and he drinks about half oz and falls asleep. Otherwise he continues to cry.

    I've used an extractor and I get around 3-4 oz between both breasts after 15 min pumping on each. My son if I give him only a bottle either with breast milk or formula usually eats between 3-4 oz every 2:30 hrs at the most. I need help I don't want to use the extra formula bottle just breast feeding. I lay him down beside me during the night to breast feed and perhaps slow any fast let down I might have.

    Am I making enough milk? What can I do to produce more for him or satisfy him without an extra bottle? It seems he sleeps more if I feed him with the bottle (breast milk or formula) instead of just breast feeding.
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    Default Re: Baby feeds for 5 minutes and then I need to give him for

    Could it be that after your baby has nursed he might want to burp?

    Also, babies love to suck. If a baby is given a pacifier, he'll probably enjoy it! A bottle is like a pacifier in that sense so many babies will gladly take a bottle at any time if offered even if they aren't hungry. Think of yourself after having eaten a delicious dinner of rib steak, fries and vegetables. You're probably feeling well-sated and going "ahhhh". But if I then served you a gorgeous dish of gooey chocolate brownie and mocha ice cream with fudge sauce, would you honestly turn me down? Babies love a good dessert too (and formula happens to tastes great).

    You just nursed your baby. He is probably satisfied with the feeding, but probably not overly full (like bottle-fed babies tend to become after a feeding). Your baby cries for any of the following reasons: gas, general fussiness, the need to burp, dirty diaper, wanting to nurse for dessert, wanting to be held, or one of the other thousand inexplicable reasons why babies cry. Was your baby truly hungry before the bottle? Not necessarily.

    There's actually a condition called "Perceived Insufficient Milk" (which I believe I've experienced at some point!) where a mother honestly thinks she doesn't have enough milk for her baby. This happens when a mother misinterprets her baby's cues for hunger and she therefore thinks her baby is always hungry even though she isn't. This often causes premature weaning because the mother will just end up supplementing, assuming there are no solutions anyway. And supplementing unnecessarily can lead to low supply, which may lead to weaning.

    If your baby is gaining weight well enough then you are making enough milk.
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    Default Re: Baby feeds for 5 minutes and then I need to give him for

    Hi and welcome. with ruchiccio

    baby Wanting to nurse shortly after being done is normal. This is called cluster nursing and is normal.
    Nursing for 5 minutes per side is normal. So is nursing 45 minutes a side and everything in between.
    Baby protesting about being laid down is normal. Newborn babies expect to be held, not most of the time, but ALL of the time. A baby who has reflux might have pain if laid flat after nursing and sometimes other times as well. So if your baby has diagnosed reflux, even more of a reason to hold baby in such a way that baby has head above his tummy as much as you possibly can. Put baby down when YOU need to, or pass him to someone else. Baby will typically sleep nicely while being held.
    If a baby is gaining normally, they are getting enough milk and do not need to have any supplement- not one drop, not ever, unless of course you are not there to nurse baby.
    A baby who is gaining poorly MAY indicate mom does not make enough milk. But there are other reasons a baby might gain poorly. Is your baby not gaining weight normally? And what about poops- a few a day? Less? More?

    How much baby takes in a bottle means nothing. How much you pump only tells you the minimum available in the breasts or that lets down during the time pumping is done. IN other words, it only tells you the minimum you might be producing. And Pumping 3-4 ounces is quite a bit, actually. It certainly does not indicate poor milk production.
    Supplementing when baby is gaining normally, supplementing too much, or supplementing even when needed without also pumping each time baby gets supplements is what kills a mom's milk production. This is one of the most common breastfeeding problems and it is entirely avoidable.

    Please see this article for more:


    and this for another position to help with fast flow (and more comfort for mom) http://www.nancymohrbacher.com/blog/...-breastfeeding

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    Default Re: Baby feeds for 5 minutes and then I need to give him for

    Hey, I had similar in the early weeks. What happens if you don't transfer him to the bed, will he sleep longer on your lap? And what happens if you offer him your breast again when he wakes up?...

    I definitely had "Perceived Insufficient Milk" until a midwife watched me feed and showed me I still had milk by hand expressing a little. I still do that to check sometimes

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