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Thread: Supply reduced...nursing every 2 hrs...do I offer other side

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    Default Supply reduced...nursing every 2 hrs...do I offer other side

    I had all the signs of oversupply! After a week of offering only one side, we are doing well. 2 week old baby is happy and my breast are feeling wonderful. She is eating round the clock every two hours and will only stay on the breast for 10 minutes. I wake her up and she refuses the breast. Should I start to offer the second breast at each feeding? I would hope this would have her go longer between feeding, however I fear I will develop clogged ducts. I was plagued with them with my son (I didn't know I had an over supply). Do you ever try to do both breast when you have an oversupply or do you continue forever with one side at a feeding?

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    Default Re: Supply reduced...nursing every 2 hrs...do I offer other


    Block nursing usually means going two or more nursing sessions on one side. But it can mean nursing one side at a time in some cases depending on how often baby nurses overall. Block feeding reduces milk production and probably should only be done if baby is gaining very fast as well as mom and baby having problems due to overproduction. Block feeding for too high production need only be done for as long as it is needed. This could be anything from a half a day to a week at most. Occasionally a mom has extremely severe overproduction and needs more time.

    Assuming baby is gaining well (about an ounce per day average- or more) when nursing a normal minimum of 8-12 times in 24 hours, it is usually fine to let baby nurse on both sides or one as baby prefers. Also fine if baby nurses more often than every two hours some of the day and less often other parts of the day. In other words, usually it is fine to nurse pretty much as often or as long and as many sides as baby prefers. 2 week olds or about that age often 'wake up' and appear ravenous, want to nurse more frequently, and want to nurse NOW! so don't be surprised if this happens.

    here is more info on block feeding just fyi: http://www.nancymohrbacher.com/blog/tag/block-feeding

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    Default Re: Supply reduced...nursing every 2 hrs...do I offer other

    Remember that block feeding is an art, not a science. It's okay to change up your feeding strategy sometimes, and offer both breasts when you would usually just offer one. If it causes you to go back to oversupply, you just go back to single sided feeding again.

    Regardless of what you do WRT offering one or both breasts, nursing every 2 hours around the clock is a textbook-normal feeding pattern for a baby this age.

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