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Thread: New Change, Help! 3.5 weeks old switching to EBF!

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    Default New Change, Help! 3.5 weeks old switching to EBF!

    Hi, I'm back with some more questions/new developments. My last post focused on increasing my supply which I've been able to slowly accomplish. Now I'm getting, via pump measurement, 2oz in a 3 hour span and I can clearly hear him sucking and swallowing whilst on my boob.

    So, since the beginning, to deal with my low supply, we've been supplementing using the SNS system with expressed breast milk + formula. However, in the last two days, he's completely rejected the SNS; when he's just on my boob, he'll stay latched sometime (see below), but without fail, as soon as I turn on the SNS, four big gulps, pops off immediately and starts crying.

    So our solution, since we know that he is getting milk from me, is to essentially quit the SNS cold turkey. We also are eliminating bottles cold turkey because we think there might be some nipple confusion. Right now, on the boob, he falls asleep really quickly and/or if he takes some big gulps, he pops off; regardless of the stimulation, when he pops off, he starts wailing immediately and then has a difficult time re-latching. So now he wants to feed essentially every 15 minutes, with the boob situation occurring above, but I'm hoping that by continuously BFing him exclusively, that he'll kinda get used to the different flow rates and become more accustomed to the boob? In the lucky times, he would feed for 15 minutes on one breast, fall asleep, de-latch and stay asleep for 10-15 minutes to give me some time to type this, for example. It really seems like his trying to top off, like snack, instead of having a solid meal. He never empties the breast (only one is offered because he falls asleep), but I do find milk dribbling out of his mouth.

    Any ideas? Also, should I stop pumping after each BF session (I was doing so to increase supply) since the sessions are so close to each other? or should I continue? I'm assuming that this is "normal" behavior?


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    Default Re: New Change, Help! 3.5 weeks old switching to EBF!

    Hey there!

    Well done for hanging in this long! If I were you I'd make one change at a time and give it a few days for your body to adjust.

    If you are worried about teat confusion/flow preference then I'd suggest bottles first and keep using the SNS. Especially if baby is latched all the time. Eliminating both at the same time might be ok but equally you might end up with a hungry baby.

    Are you able to adjust the flow on the SNS by using thinner tubes, placing the milk container lower down or even by gently crimping the tube so that the milk is still accessible but harder work?

    If after a few days of this baby is content and making plenty of diapers work on reducing the amount by SNS.

    I'd keep pumping until I knew for sure baby was content and gaining and then drop one pump or so a day give it a couple of days and then do he same again. If you are pumping a lot you could probably lose more than one session at first.

    This probably all sounds like prolonging your torture but I stopped supplementing too fast the first time around with DD and had to start it all back up again. Slow and steady wins the race in instances like this!

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    Default Re: New Change, Help! 3.5 weeks old switching to EBF!

    Thanks! I think you're right; I'll stick with the SNS.

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