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Thread: Too much milk for 1 week old

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    Default Too much milk for 1 week old

    My newborn turns 1 week old tomorrow and is a champ at nursing. But, I'm making so much milk! Way to much for him. I was painfully engorged from Sunday to Tuesday and my let down is still quite painful because my breasts become rock solid after not nursing him for 2 hours, which is about how often he feeds.

    When my breasts are so full, the milk comes out really fast and it overwhelms my baby. He pulls away from the breast, chokes and shuts his mouth. He gets lazy with his latch.

    A little bit before nursing him, I often pump to comfort (because of pain and so that he will nurse better). I can easily pump 3+ oz from east breast and still feel too full. Once I pumped one of my breasts until I didn't feel engorged any longer and the quantity of milk that easily came out was 6 ounces (and I could have kept going).

    When I pump out 3 ounces before my newborn feeds, he does a much better job nursing because the milk isn't coming out too fast for him. His latch is good and he is happier. Also, then he can comfort nurse, which he doesn't do when milk is dripping (and spraying) all over him. Sometimes, I pump one breast while he nurses the other, but the side that he nurses still feels full afterward. I have a nice pump and I keep the pump on the lowest speed and suction so that my breasts don't get used to milk being removed rapidly. The milk comes out really fast. I pump 3 ounces from each breast in under 10 minutes.

    I have small breasts. I wonder if that is why making so much milk is painful. Another thing about my breasts, they leak and spray a lot. One time, with my first child, I took off my bra and my breast sprayed milk across the room - a good 8 feet! This amount of milk coming out so fast is just too much for a newborn.

    In a couple of months, I will go back to work and my husband will be a stay-at-home father, so having a lot of milk in the freezer isn't a bad thing. I could also donate milk.

    Is what I'm doing okay? I do want to reduce the amount of milk I make so that I'm not tied down to the breast pump and so that I can sleep at night (right now my breasts, not my newborn, wake me at night). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    Default Re: Too much milk for 1 week old

    Hi mama, congrats on the new baby! It's common to make more milk than needed early on (nature's way of being sure baby has enough), and some moms do tend to have a relative oversupply. Usually this will regulate over time to more closely match what baby is actually taking in. In order to let that happen, it would be better if you did not pump. I totally understand why you are pumping (as an oversupply mom myself), but I think you are getting into a vicious cycle where pumping is exacerbating the oversupply situation, which then leads you need to pump more, etc. If possible, hand expression may help with the fast letdown and discomfort, without contributing as much to the oversupply. If you absolutely must pump, try to limit the amount. Also, feeding baby more frequently may help, because then your breast will be less full so baby will have fewer problems and you won't get as uncomfortable. I know that you are already feeding frequently but hopefully this will be a relatively short-term thing.

    Laid-back nursing is helpful for fast let-down, see the links below; play around with the position to see what works best for you. And you can hand express a bit to let the fastest part out first into a towel (or a bottle), then latch baby on.

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    Default Re: Too much milk for 1 week old

    with the PP. Step away from the pump if possible!

    The amount of milk you're making would probably be painful for any woman, regardless of breast size. So don't feel like a small chest is at fault here.

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