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    I went to the doctor on Monday for my pp check up after c section. I told her I noticed a rash on my breast that is itchy. She looked at it and she said that it looks like thrush but she isn't sure. She prescribed fluconazole. I called her Friday to tell her that it isn't any better. She said ok then it isn't thrush probably just an allergic reaction to something. She told me to do Benadryl. I heard Benadryl causing low milk supply which I am already struggling so I did not do this. I called her back to tell her it spread to my other breast. She then told me to start over on the fluconazole. I have been sterilizing everything after each use. I am doing the vinegar and water on my breast. It just doesn't seem to be getting better. My baby doesn't have any symptoms of thrush. My last dose is Tuesday. Should I just wait until then? I hate this. I don't have any other chump toms of thrush just the rash around my aerola. I am wondering if anyone else has had something similar.

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    I have a rash on my breast. I started fluconazole on Monday. The doctor wasn't sure if it was thrush or not. I called her Friday to tell her it isn't better. She told me to try Benadryl. I called her later to tell her it spread. She said she wanted me to do another round of fluconazole. I started it again. I think my last dose is Tuesday? It isn't better. Should I just wait? Has anyone experienced this? My baby doesn't show any signs. I only have the rash around my aerola but no other symptoms. I have been doing the vinegar and water. I have been sterilizing everything we use. I just am at a loss of what to do. The rash looks terrible. It's painful sometimes.

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    There are many types of rashes, so I am unclear why the first thought is thrush.

    What does the rash look like? Because a rash AROUND the areola, by which I assume you means the skin on the outer edge of the areola, sounds nothing like thrush to me. Are you using breastpads? Different bra? New detergent? Does baby tend to touch you in the place the rash is? What is the weather like where you live? Do you tend to be sweaty or damp in that area?

    How old is baby? Has your cycle returned? Sometimes hormone changes cause rashes too.

    I got large itchy red rashes after each of my babies, who were all born in the summer, mostly on the skin between my breasts. No one knew what caused them but I did not bother to see a dermatologist. I finally just chalked it up to a combo of heat/sweat rash, contact rash (from little fingernails, hands constantly touching me there) and breastfeeding/postpartum hormones. It always went away with time.

    I suggest seeing a dermatologist.

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    There are too many possibilities here- this could be bacterial, it could be eczema, it could be fungal despite the Fluconazole, it could be shingles... So see another doc!

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