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Thread: Help! Nursing/sleeping issues at 3.5 mos.

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    Default Help! Nursing/sleeping issues at 3.5 mos.

    Hi everyone. I'd really like to hear your opinions on what's going on with my 3.5 month old baby! Long post.

    For the past couple of months I have co-slept with my baby, and it rocked. She would go to sleep around 8:30, nurse 2-3 times, and wake up around 8-9 the next day. Then about 2 weeks ago we had the worst sleep... The next day she had cold like symptoms- turns out she had RSV. Fortunately she is now healed, but I attributed that night of poor sleep as the beginning of her illness. The sleep wasn't great while she was sick either, by the way. And it was work getting her to nurse every so often with her congestion; I previously had trouble nursing in other positions other than side lying, so during this time I HAD to learn other ways which I thought I got pretty good at.

    We had been sleeping on the couch inclined while she was sick, so I was so ready to get a good nights rest with her in bed when she was well enough. Sleep has sucked ever since. So has nursing.

    She tosses and turns all night, and her naps are only about 40 min. I try to soothe her back to sleep at night by nursing, like 10-15 times or more a night. Usually she just likes my breast in her mouth, which makes her upset to realize it isn't there anymore. She wakes up yawning and rubbing her eyes. Sometimes when she wakes at night she starts cooing and smiling between eye rubs. I know she's exhausted. Her naps are shorter, too. She frequently wakes from them crying. She won't even sleep in her baby k'tan for longer periods like she used to.

    A note on her nursing- she pulls off and latches back on several times usually at every feeding. They don't last long. I try to nurse her frequently, but her hands are still constantly in her mouth and will latch, albeit briefly, most of the time. She nurses best at night while drowsy- gotta love those dream feeds. Her urine output is great, but her dirty diapers have decreased to once every two days.

    She has also now shifted to wanting to go to bed at 6:30-7 and wake at 5:30-6:30. Last night I was in desperate need of sleep, so she was swaddled to keep her flailing arms from waking up and... A pacifier. I feel terrible but it did lead to longer periods of sleep for the both of us. When she would wake up I nursed her, and she would fall asleep until my breast came out of her mouth, so back in went the paci.

    Yesterday was the first day ever we used it. I got it out for a car ride, because she hates being strapped in her seat and we really needed to go out and get some stuff done. I hated having to use it.

    So here are my main points that I need help with:
    - Tosses, turns, flails about all night. Wakes up frequently, yawning/rubbing eyes
    - Occasionally wants to play in the middle of the night
    - Dreamfeeds often at night; wakes up when I take her off breast or it falls out (Is this my fault? I often let her suck for extended periods)
    - shorter naps, approx. 40 minutes. Wakes up crying often, calms back down when offered breast during nap several times. Doesn't sleep longer in baby ktan
    - shows signs of tiredness during the day
    - increased fussiness
    - hands constantly in mouth
    - going to bed earlier, waking earlier. This is hard because I work from home at night and I need to be in bed with her for those frequent wakes. And I can't fall asleep that early even if I didn't have work. So now I'm running off less sleep by waking so early.


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    Default Re: Help! Nursing/sleeping issues at 3.5 mos.

    Hi there Mama! I'm sorry you are having so much trouble. I too am here for some help with my 4 month old DS who is having a couple of the same issues as your daughter. However, this particular time in your baby's life is CRAZY. We may both have hit the lovely wall that is called the "4 month sleep regression". This is a huge developmental time in our LOs lives where everything changes - discovery, growing, shifting teeth, changes in sleep cycles, etc. My son has found both of his feet, so when he is coming out of a sleep cycle (which are 35-45 mins each), I can see him picking up his legs in his swaddle trying to get them. He then wakes up and cries because he can't get them, plus he does not know how to go back to sleep on his own because he's been nursed to sleep for as long as he can remember. Plus, at this age they start to remember us!!! If they can't see us, a meltdown is likely to occur, so now my son takes extra long to be put down into the pack and play or swing once he's asleep. He also put his hands in his mouth constantly and drools like a rabid dog!!!!! I am EXHAUSTED too. Unfortunately co-sleeping doesn't work for me - I am large breasted and have a very difficult time nursing on my side, so I need to sit up every time he wants to nurse. But I did bring him in my bed as a last resort just to get 2 hours of rest this morning because he woke up at 9, 11, 1:15, 3:15, 4:15, 5:15 and then 7:30.

    I know the pacifier is tough - but at least your LO will take it. At this point it sounds like she is not going to have nipple confusion so I wouldn't worry too much. My son won't ever use it - in fact it wakes him up because it's so wrong to him!!!

    I'm sorry I don't have more solutions, as I am looking for them myself, but know that you aren't alone (hugs!)

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