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Thread: need advice on building a freezer supply

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    Default need advice on building a freezer supply

    My baby is almost 7 months old and I'm going to be getting a job and he will be going to daycare. I do not have any milk in the freezer.. Does anyone have any advice on how to build a freezer supply? Also, any advice on how much to send everyday to daycare would be greatly appreciated. At home we feed on demand.. He is also eating solids a few times a day. I have been trying to do research on google but still not sure..

    Thank you!!

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    Default Re: need advice on building a freezer supply

    The rule of thumb is 1-1.5oz per hour of separation. Even when a baby is taking solids milk is supposed to be their primary source of nutrition so this rule makes sense to use until at least 1. That said if baby us taking more solids I wouldn't stress if they take less. It's also quite common for babys to 'reverse cycle's take less at daycare and compensate at home.

    For a freezer stash start pumping each morning after the 'first' feed. It doesn't have to be morning if that doesn't fit into your lifestyle etc but often mums report getting more at that time of day

    Yo shouldn't need a huge stash as I expect you'll want/need to pump at work and oftentimes a mum can pump what they need for the following day (some can't and pump at weekends too or use said freezer stash)

    Take a look at paced bottle feeding and try to educate any potential dcp on how to feed in this manner it mimics breastfeeding meaning baby is less likely to be overfed and less likely to start to prefer bottles

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    Default Re: need advice on building a freezer supply

    I agree with PP. Let's say you will be apart from baby for 9 hours the first day. 15 oz in the fridge/freezer will be more than enough for that first day back. I did it the way PP suggests, pumping after the morning feed, but if it's more convenient to do it while baby is napping that's fine too. Then each day you work you pump for the next. Make sure you have a good double electric pump. Definitely look at the paced feeding techniques, I'll put links below. Or, consider going straight to a cup since your baby is already 7 months. Either way, limit your bottle size to somewhere between 2 and 4 oz, as that is a typical meal at the breast (in contrast, many formula fed infants that age will be taking in 6-8 oz in a bottle). One way to do it is to provide varying bottles sizes, say 2, 3 and 4 oz, along with frozen 1 oz "toppers" to be used as needed.


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