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Thread: Baby won't breastfeed since Mastitis!

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    Unhappy Baby won't breastfeed since Mastitis!

    Hi everyone...

    my 7 week old is not breastfeeding anymore....

    We've had hurdles since the beginning and have overcome them but now I dont know what to do anymore.

    baby had tongue and lip tie which was only discovered at 3 weeks as she was not putting on any weight and had lost quite a lot since birth. After lip and tongue release baby gained some and then atarted fussing and refusing my breast (the good breast that produces a lot of milk). Found out i had mastitis and started the antibiotics while pumping regularly.

    I had to start supplementing with formula as baby was not satisfied with the unaffected breast. Now after 2 weeks of antibiotics baby does not like feeding at the breast without the feeding tube. I think she got milk faster with the tube...

    im trying very hard to get her to latch and suck at the breast but she gives up after a few sucls and just sits with the breast in her mouth or cries.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to teach latching and suclong to a 7 week baby?


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    Default Re: Baby won't breastfeed since Mastitis!

    I am a little unclear if baby ever nursed ok? Were things better or worse just before the mastitis? Also I am not sure what you mean here
    I had to start supplementing with formula as baby was not satisfied with the unaffected breast
    . Were you told to not nurse on the side with mastitis, or was it simply to painful to do so? Just so you know in case you get mastitis again, nursing can continue on both the affected and the unaffected side, and any milk that you pump from either side is safe to give your baby.

    Have you been able to see someone who is trained to provide lactation assistance, specifically for help with latch issues? Were supplements always given with a lactation aid? Have you tried positioning the aid differently or whatever needs to be done to reduce the flow from the aid?

    Basically I am wondering if the problem is a latch issue that has never been resolved, an inability to suck requiring suck training (I think you might want to see an LC for that) or breast refusal due to the introduction of bottles, or refusal due to overfeeding with bottles, or baby has learned to suck from the tube but not to nurse from the breast, or something else or a combo?

    Weak Suck after frenotomy: http://cwgenna.com/postfren.html

    Finger feeding to get a latch (Video) http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...ame=vid-notyet

    Here is a good article with many ideas for encouraging a baby to nurse who is refusing to: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

    And here are many good ideas for encouraging a better latch: http://feedthebabyllc.com/latch-and-positioning/

    And here is some info about using a lactation aid: http://cwgenna.com/smartnothard.html and http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...agename=doc-LA

    Description of a complete lactation consultation: http://cwgenna.com/lconsult.html

    It can be so difficult when a baby is refusing to nurse. Moms sometimes feel rejected. You have worked very hard and even had treatment that should have helped, so this must be so frustrating. Just remember this is not in any way a rejection. Your baby needs and loves YOU in a way that is almost impossible to comprehend. As far as feeding, she is trying to figure this out just as you are.

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    Default Re: Baby won't breastfeed since Mastitis!

    Thank you very much maddieb for replying and sending all the links which were very useful.

    to answer your questions:

    Baby was not just refusing the affected breast but also milk from that breast. I tried feeding her only from the unaffected breast and she cried all day as she was hungry. I gave it another morning and by the afternoon she was inconsolable. So I started supplementing with a feeding tube attached to my breast.

    The best IBCLC in Dubai (where I live) did not have any free slots until yesterday (someone cancelled). We saw her yesterday and she clipped a posterior tongue tie on baby. She notrd that babt doesn't really suck and is very passive at the breast. She's recommended a couple of suck training exercises that I'm trying at homr but baby just doesn't suck on my finger for me to do those.

    LO wasn't always like this... before I started using the tube it used to be extremely difficult for me to break her suction during feedings..... now I can simply pull out my breast without any discomfort.

    The IBCLC also suggested Galactovit and Moringa to boost supply (may Mastitis burn in hell) so that baby gets more milk ou5 of softerbsucking which will encourage her to suck more.

    Out of the 7 weeks of my baby's life wev7 only had 1 beautiful week of breastfeeding which was aftrr her tongue tie release and before I got mastitis.

    Not sure if it's too late for her to learn sucking again. Im pumping regularly but can't realoy see myself exclusively pumping

    If you have any suggestions on improving suck... pls do share them.


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    Default Re: Baby won't breastfeed since Mastitis!

    I'm so sorry you're having these difficulties. My little one had a tongue and lip tie, too, and it has been a very long road trying to get her to learn to suck appropriately (not trying to discourage you - just saying it takes time!). You say she doesn't suck on your finger - my little one refused to suck on mine as well; she smiled at me every time like she just thought I was being silly playing a game (she was 6 weeks when ties were released). She would, however, suck on my husband's finger. Someone mentioned that she might just refuse mine because she knows I've got the "good stuff" and doesn't bother with sucking my finger instead. ☺️ Do you have a SO or family member who could help you with the suck training exercises, at least part of the time? Finding a way to not make the feeding tube so easy will help as well - if she is a passive eater and mostly just waits for milk to flow, she's going to choose whatever lets her do that more easily, which sounds like it's the tube and not your breast. Maybe you could try breast compressions while nursing to help the milk flow a little easier/faster, at least at first while she's re-learning how to suck?

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    Default Re: Baby won't breastfeed since Mastitis!

    Thank you mama7008 for replying. I'll definitely get hubby to do the sucking exercises with baby....

    I'm working on re-establishing milk supply which has dwindled drastically since mastitis .. so once it improves I'll definitely start weaning her off the tube.

    Thank you!

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