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    So, my problem is a little bit different, and I want to know if anyone has any advice. My son is almost 3 months old and he has seizures. When he was first born, he had latchign problems, but we were working it out with a breast shield... Then he had to go to Childrens hospital for the seizures where he was unable to be nursed due to all the wires and machines he was hooked up to. So, basically I've been pumping nonstop since. My supply never really had a chance to build up for him and no matter how much I pump or how often, I can only produce 1 oz an hr. for example, If a pump every 2 hrs, I will get 2 ozs, if I pump every 4 hrs, I will get 4 ozs. my milf is not stimulated when he cries or anything, because I guess we never got to have that bond. sooo, we had to start dupplementing formula, against my wishes. I would really like to find a way to inc my supply so that I can help himm in any way that I can. btw, he is out of the hospital and doing good on medication for the seizures and hopefully will grow out of it by the time he starts school around 5yrs old. Any advice would be lovely.

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    Hi & Welcome!!
    A few questions for you:
    Will he go to breast at all?? The best way to stimulate supply is letting your LO be at the breast. Its not too late to get him to latch! Is it possible for you to go to a LLL meeting or see a LC?

    How often are you supplementing? The more you supplement the less milk your body will produce. Rather than "storing up" like pumping every four hours, it is better to pump more often and maybe try increasing your length of pumping as well. If you are pumping 15 minutes, try pumping 20.

    How is your LO's weight gain and diaper output? The best way to tell if he is getting enough milk is diaper output and weight gain. Your LO is at the prime time for a growth spurt as well...so you will need to stimulate more to up your supply. At this age your LO should be gaining about 4oz./week. You should have between 4-5+ sopping wet diapers/ day and poops can range from one perday to one every 7-10 days (as long as your LO is gaining!).

    Finally, Things like oatmeal are said to help, if you eat oatmeal daily...fenugreek, and there are other things too...I am not to up on all of that, but others will be. Good Luck, I hope that helps!! Let us know how it goes and feel free to ask any more questions!!

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