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Thread: How to sleep for BF working mom

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    IMO, we parents- and especially we moms- give ourselves too much credit for the things our kids do.
    OMG, yes! Too much credit, and way too much blame. My kids are now 13 and almost-17 years old () and looking back, I can see that they were themselves from day 1. I'm sure I've had some influence on them, but in most ways I've just adapted to who they already are, rather than shaped them.

    As far as sleep goes, my philosophy is that every family is different and needs to do whatever gets EVERYBODY the most sleep possible. Try different sleep arrangements and see what works for you. For some families, co-sleeping is the only way they're going to get any sleep. For others, nobody gets any sleep with baby in the bed. Sometimes mom and baby need to be together, while dad needs his own space. It might take some experimenting.

    One other thing to keep in mind is that whatever sleep arrangements you end up with, they're temporary! They might not be everybody's ideal, but they won't last forever.

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    I agree with this completely. I tried to "teach" my son to sleep without BFing to sleep but all it did was make bedtime take hours. And we did this for a couple of months at different ages. Sleep is part of the baby's temperament and they will eventually be sleep independent. My son, despite trying for months, at different ages, struggled with falling asleep until after his 3rd birthday. With my daughter I plan to nurse her to sleep as long as it continues working, even if she is an older toddler.

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