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Thread: Co-sleeping and nursing to sleep

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    My daughter is almost 3-months old. We currently co-sleep and I nurse her to sleep when my husband and I go to bed, around 9-9:30pm. She usually wakes up twice during the night between 10pm and 6am.

    I'm wanting to get her to sleep earlier so my husband and I can have some time alone together, and I'd like to see if an earlier bedtime would help her with naps during the day. She really doesn't nap well at all.

    How do I get her to sleep earlier in the evening without going to bed myself? I've tried nursing her and putting her down in a bassinet in our bedroom, but she always wakes up 30-45 minutes later.

    Any ideas???

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    Are you bed sharing? If the bed is a safe place for her to sleep alone for a short time, (Or you can make it so) have you tried nursing her down and then sneaking away? Of course this is no guarantee she won't wake up 30 minutes later no matter when she goes to sleep.

    I have left a T- shirt I have been wearing next to baby (for the scent.) It seems to help sometimes.

    Unless the alone time you are looking for is of the amorous variety, what about just keeping baby with you and your husband in the evening? Many babies sleep longer and better while being held by mom or dad. (Or, if it is of that variety, inviting husband into the bed? Your sleeping 3 month old will never know.)

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    Lo and I ( and husband) Bed share and I nurse her to sleep as well. She'll be hitting 4 months, so not that far of from your lo.
    Just this evening I nursed her to sleep, i threw the shirt I was wearing over her ( for scent as well and warmth) and just quietly slipped away she she finally dozed off.

    an earlier bed time never really mattered though babies will go to sleep when they go to sleep. She's also an awful napper, but I try nursing her to sleep during those times and it seems to work out okay ( and sometimes not). But I always leave her in the bed when I do. for some reason ( probably because it smells like hubby and I ) that helps her sleep better.

    So I'd try that: leave baby in the bed ( if possible), put the shirt you're wearing near or on top of baby, and continue to just nurse to sleep.

    sometimes nursing to sleep takes a while, but eventually they'll fall a sleep, and sometimes stay a sleep too. Good luck.

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    I have a five month old who I also have to nurse to sleep. I little by little brought his bedtime back to 7pm (so starting bath and bedtime routine at 6pm), and we started using a baby monitor with a camera so that we could watch him while we're having dinner or hanging out. I nurse him to sleep around 7pm, which sometimes takes a while and sometimes is done by 7.15, so sometimes it can be frustrating if it takes a long time and I'm hungry and wanting to get to dinner. Usually he stirs again after half an hour or so, and then often another once or twice after that, but because I have the baby monitor on I can just run in whenever it happens and nurse him back to sleep quickly before he wakes too much - often all that's required is a couple of minutes. (We co-sleep, so I just lay down on the bed next to him and nurse him, which doesn't wake him up too much.) After a few rounds of that, he's usually quite deeply asleep by about 8 or 8.30 and will then sleep until he gets hungry around 10 or 11pm. It's really sweet with that quiet time after he goes to sleep, and with the baby monitor on I can keep an eye on him at the same time. And it's rare that I manage to stay up past when he wakes up to feed at 10 or 11, so I'm usually in bed by then and ready to give him his last feed for the evening and then go to sleep myself too

    Also, my baby went to sleep at 8-8.30pm already at three months, so adjusting your bedtime shouldn't be that difficult if you just do it gradually, do the whole bath and bedtime routine thing, and move it fifteen minutes earlier each day for example. The last month or so my baby has always been exhausted by himself at 7pm, which it took me a while to realize, i.e. that I had to start preparing for bedtime already at 6, but that really gave us the evenings back too so I love it! Good luck!
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