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A pinkish spot where there was once a blister or bleb sounds like new skin, like the area is healing. This is what happens when my sons hands heal after a blister pops and dead skin sloughs off. (They are gymnasts.) But of course I have no idea if that is what is happening in your case.

I am pretty sure blebs do not cause vasospasms. The two things may be unrelated, or they may both be related to a poor latch. Were you able to read the articles I linked in my first post?

As far as what the IBCLC should have done, this is kind of hard to say. This is going to vary from IBCLC to IBCLC. Not only does each one work a bit differently, but sometimes they are constrained by a too short time limit for appointments imposed on them by their employer or by what they are able to charge insurance. It takes time-1 to 2 hours at least- to do a truly complete lactation consultation, in part because the LC is really treating two people- baby and mom-and both require an 'exam' and a history taken, and also in part of course because babies are so unpredictable and cannot be expected to perform on command! Unfortunately this is something those who set such time limits may not understand.

This is a description of a thorough lactation consultant. If I was seeing an IBCLC for a serious issue like ongoing nipple pain, (and I have actually had to see IBCLCs for that, more than once) something pretty close to this is what I would expect: http://cwgenna.com/lconsult.html
Thanks. And I was able to read your articles that you linked to me. Thanks for those. Well hopefully things start to get better as I keep working on this. That list of a lactation consultation was pretty thorough. The IBCLC I saw did some of those but not all.... Thanks for all the help and support!!