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    My daughter is 3 weeks old. I use to breastfeed her but my nipples got really damaged they were cracked and very bloody so i got an electric double pump from my insurance and start pumping. Ive been EP since she was a week old. I would love to try to breastfeed but she already prefers the silicon then my nipple and its only the medela nipple bottle she prefers.

    For quite some time i havent been eating. Im struggling with ppd and its just been hard for me. So my milk supply has gone down all the way. I went from pumping 10-12oz in one session to 1-2oz in one session which is stressing me out. I recently started eating again and drinking lots of water.

    Im trying to get my supply back up but its a little stressful. Im trying to be strong but its so hard. I really dont want to give her formula. Can anyone give me advice on pumping or even starting back breastfeeding i say i will try breastfeeding soon.

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby!

    I am so sorry that your mothering journey has gotten off to such a rough start. Do you feel like your PPD is being adequately managed? Have you been prescribed medication for it, and if so, have you been taking it? I ask because a lot of moms are scared to take their meds due to fear that they will pass things on to their babies. But there are PPD meds which are breastfeeding-compatible. Any questions about medications, please let us know or contact the Infant Risk center: http://www.infantrisk.com

    In general, moms don't have to be particularly well-nourished in order to produce good milk. We put on weight during pregnancy in order to sustain ourselves and our milk production during lean times. So don't feel like not eating well hampered milk production. It generally doesn't unless a mom is literally and chronically malnourished or starving.

    Exclusive pumping is difficult. It takes a huge amount of time and effort and you need the right tools. An exclusively pumping mom should have the following:
    - A hospital grade rental double electric pump, e.g. Medela Symphony, Medela Lactina. Consumer double electric pumps, e.g. Medela Pump in Style, Ameda Purely Yours, tend to be a distinct step down in effectiveness.
    - Correctly sized breast shields. If you are having either pain or loss of suction on one or both sides while pumping, you probably want to try a size down (in case of loss of suction) or up (in case of pain).
    - Help from a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC, if she feels like pumping isn't going well.
    - Reasonable expectations about how often she will need to pump and how much milk she will get when she does pump. A mom who is exclusively pumping will generally need to pump around 8-12 times per day, and should expect just a few oz of milk when she pumps. Pumping 10-12 oz at a single sitting is rare, and generally happens only in the earliest stages of breastfeeding when mom is in overproduction mode.

    I think it's great that you want to get your baby back to the breast. This link has great tips for doing so: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/. The instant reward and skin-to-skin techniques are said to be particularly helpful, and nipple shields are a good thing to try if the baby is refusing to latch onto the bare breast. Try to keep your attempts at nursing frequent and low-pressure; you want to lure your baby back to the breast, not battle her back.

    I would really love for you to see a LC, preferably an IBCLC, for some hands-on help with latching and pumping. The fact that nursing caused you to have cracked nipples suggests possibilities like latch problems from poor positioning, engorgement, or tongue or lip ties, and infectious causes like thrush or bacterial infection. A LC should be able to help you treat the root issue so that you don't end up with nipple damage as you try to get your baby back to the breast.

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