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Thread: OW! Please help!!

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    Unhappy OW! Please help!!

    Hello ladies!

    I need your help and pronto. I've been ebfing my beautiful 15 week old daughter with few set backs (had some engorgement issues in the first months, and an over active letdown for a brief time). Now, I am in HORRIFIC (all caps is necessary here) pain. It's only while nursing. It feels a lot like she is gumming my nipple, but it's so hard to tell. It's happening during, before, and after letdown so I'm inclined to say that she isn't gumming to slow flow. My nipples aren't cracked or sore, and don't hurt when she isn't nursing. No shooting pains or other indications of infection. She's getting fussy at the breast; I hand expressed to check for blood (thinking maybe that was why she was getting fussy...no blood). I've gasped with pain at particularly awful moments, which sent her crying. I've also tried pulling her off when it hurts, then relatching...she cries. Did I mention she's very fussy? Atm, she is trying to claw the skin off my breast with her tiny cute baby razors..I mean, fingers, whilst intermittently crying. This is on both sides, but the right side barely hurts, and she is fussing less there too. She's pretty much falling asleep after seemingly becoming too frustrated...though it is about nap time.
    So, does any one have any idea what's going on here?? I can't take another day of this

    **Not sure if import, but she has been feverishly sucking/chewing on her hands as well
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    Sudden onset of breast-feeding pain in the later weeks thrush would always be my first guess.
    However I also wonder if there is some new new latch or positioning issue going on?

    Jack Newman has probably the clearest thrush protocol that I am aware of online. He calls it the Candida protocol. While I do not think it is necessary to follow his suggestion step-by-step, it does give you a very good idea of what all the treatment options that are available are. He does say that mother should not try to diagnose themselves because it is so difficult to diagnose thrush. However in my experience even if you see a healthcare provider they would usually simply start treatment whether or not thrush was verified.

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    Thank you for your quick response. I'm not sure. I'm not having any itching or burning, just terrible, terrible pain. She does have a really persistent diaper rash despite frequent changes and hypoallergenic products, though. It's so bizarre... I was fine yesterday, a little sore this morning, and now, it's awful :'(.
    I was examining my nipple earlier, and it looks like there may be some broken capillaries, or at least there is an area with some brownish reddish-ness under the skin. I really really hope this is not thrush.

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