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Thread: Tips for Nipple Shield Weaning

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    My sweet babe had fallen off the bottom of the percentile charts by her two month checkup, but recently at four months was at 12%! (All of her values were in the 5-10 range at birth, so she's actually ahead of the game weight-wise and has plenty of chubby rolls!) Check out the post I made to a local breastfeeding support group the other day. You guys are definitely, DEFINITELY included in the thanks!

    Purple Bottles and Yellow Bottles
    From the time we started the babe in daycare, we've used Medela bottles for breastmilk and Lansinoh for formula. It helped us keep the two straight and we figured it would make things easier on the staff, as well. We had a dozen of each kind. Every morning I'd make bottles, filling yellow ones until all of my pumped milk was used, and then making up formula bottles if I needed them. Some days I did, some days I didn't.
    I've talked enough about my supply challenges, that most regular posters know that I'll try anything and have tried everything to get my supply up. Some weeks ago, a LLL leader suggested that I add in goat's rue to my regimen, even though I'm not the typical candidate for it. The theory was that when my daughter was unable to remove milk effectively, my body took that to mean that I didn't need my glandular tissue anymore, and started to break it down, leaving me with a reduced capacity that was resistant to just about everything I threw at it. At the same time, we agreed that I would raise my domperidone dose.
    The domperidone helped in the short term, but things were almost worse for a while. It's one thing when you have to give a little formula every other day, but going for weeks at a time and then having to feed it after hoping you might be done for good? That's rough. Still, the purple bottles saw less and less use.
    At some point, I started having milk left over after I pumped in the morning. Then one day I had a full bottle left over, so I had to remember to use it first. Then I had two, and I had to label them so I knew which one to use first. Then I actually counted up the ounces and realized that for the first time, I was pumping the same amount during the work day that she was eating at day care. Then one day I figured out that on some days I was making more in a 24 hour period than she's taking in.
    I started to relax, and then relaxed some more. I had an event to go to after work and forgot my ice packs, so I left my milk in my work fridge overnight and it was okay because I had enough at home to make the next day's bottles. That was a revelation, right there. I had a glass of wine without stressing that it would dehydrate me and tank my supply. A daycare worker admitted that my daughter didn't finish a bottle at lunch, resulting in an ounce being poured out, and I didn't lose my **** on her.
    This week, I don't have enough yellow bottles to send to daycare because half of them are in the fridge with milk. Daycare got a note, "K will have the purple bottles from now on."
    When I get home, I'm going to pack away the tub of formula. Here's hoping I never have to touch it again. Thanks to those who have offered support, to Judy at Chesapeake Regional and especially to Cathy Heinz who helped me develop the plan which may have been the tipping point. My breastfeeding relationship isn't quite normal and it's far from easy, and I'm not dropping my complicated regimen or returning the hideously expensive hospital grade pump just yet. But this day I declare victory.


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    Yay for victory!

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