Breastfeeding Today, Issue 27, January 2015

Features: What Joyce Taught Me About Birth

The Power of Hand Expression

Galactagogues - The medications, herbs, and foods that have reputations for increasing milk supply

Keeping Fit and Well
Mothers' Stories: Rachel's Story: High Heels and Lipstick - Different ways moms cope when feeling overwhelmed

Jessica's Story: Was it Worth it? - A mom's breastfeeding journey gets off to an unusually rocky start!

Kathy's Story: Ripples on a Pond - Anthropologist and author Dr. Katherine Dettwyler talks about how the seven founders of La Leche League have affected her life, her work, and those of her children and grandchildren
Mom to Mom: Let Go! - "My nine-month old son will only fall asleep if I am breastfeeding him... How can I ever put my baby down to rest without his needing me to be there?"
What's Cooking: Raising Healthy Eaters: Lessons Learned from Breastfeeding